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Chapter 65 – I am still innocent (2)

“Show me this pair of sandals.”

Chu Qiao pointed to a pair of white sandals in the shop window and said, Xu Bilian heard the voice was a little familiar.

She raised her head and looked up, she did not recognize her stepsister, but her eyes became jealous.

This woman looked like a fox spirit, she must not be a decent person.

“Which pair Speak more clearly, this pair or that pair, there are so many shoes.

How could I know which pair you are talking about”

Xu Bilian was already in a bad mood from the beginning.

She was also jealous of Chu Qiao’s appearance.

She was too lazy to get up and her tone was disrespectful.

Anyway, she was paid a fixed salary.

So it didn’t matter whether she sold well or not.

After speaking, she rolled her eyes.

She didn’t hide her impatience.

Chu Qiao was not angry either.

She raised her voice and said, “How can you know which pair I am talking about if you don’t come here Xu Bilian, you are not crippled.

Why can’t you even walk”

Xu Bilian widened her eyes and stared at Chu Qiao.

She finally recognized her.

The voice was so familiar and she knew her.

Besides Chu Qiao that disgusting drag oil bottle1, who else could it be

1拖油瓶 tuo you ping : drag oil bottle ; child of a previous marriage living with the family of the second husband.

“Chu Qiao What are you doing here”

“Buy sandals!”

Chu Qiao rolled her eyes.

Xu Bilian rushed to the shop window angrily and scolded: “Where did you get the money”

Her mother wouldn’t give pocket money.

So how could this drag oil bottle have money to buy sandals

No, it wasn’t right.

Where did the dress on this drag oil bottle come from It was still so beautiful.

Just what was her mother doing

“It was my own father who gave it to me.

Xu Bilian, bring these white sandals, I want to try them on.”

Chu Qiao rolled her eyes again, she was not worried that this sentence would cause trouble to Chu Yuanzhi, and pointed to the sandals.

But Xu Bilian was not interested in going to work now, and her heart was almost burned to ashes with jealousy.

She was jealous of Chu Qiao’s beauty, jealous of Chu Yuanzhi’s allowance for this drag oil bottle, and jealous of Chu Qiao’s beautiful voice.

In short, she was so jealous that she couldn’t wait for Chu Qiao to die immediately.

“You can’t wear it.

It doesn’t have your size.”

Xu Bilian was too lazy to take the sandals.

In fact, Chu Qiao could really wear these sandals.

There was only a pair of sandals of size 35 left, which just happened to be Chu Qiao’s size.

Chu Qiao was not angry at all.

The more angry Xu Bilian was, the more she showed that she was jealous.

This woman had been jealous of her beauty in her previous life.

She even went to Korea for cosmetic surgery from time to time.

That big pancake face had been cut countless times with the knife, and the bones had been polished for several kilograms.

Hardly cut into an awl face, but she felt proud of herself.

She ran in front of Chu Qiao all day long, but Chu Qiao only felt ugly, it especially looked like the snake spirit in the Calabash Brothers.


-Calabash Brothers (TV Mini Series 1986-1987)

-The snake spirit

She would definitely be more beautiful in this life, just let this bitch be jealous to death.

“Xu Bilian, let me tell you something.

Come here.”

Chu Qiao hooked her fingers, and her mysterious appearance made Xu Bilian interested, so she leaned closer, “If you talk nonsense, I will kill you!”

“It must be what you want to hear.

Last night I heard your mother and Gu Jianshe’s mother were talking in the phone.” Chu Qiao lowered her voice.

She just started talking, and it aroused Xu Bilian’s heart, “What did they say Hurry up and tell me!”

“Isn’t the matchmaking between me and Gu Jianshe has failed Your mother said that she would introduce the nurses of the hospital to Gu Jianshe, and said that the nurses would take care of people, so she would definitely be able to take care of Gu Jianshe properly.

Gu Jianshe’s mother also agreed, she said that she wanted to resolve this matter quickly.

Just by meeting once, if they have good impressions on both sides, this matter will be settled down.”

Chu Qiao just made up a story.

Anyway, Xu Bilian wouldn’t dare to confront He Jihong.


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