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While the outside world was excited, no one noticed that after losing the battle with Wang Baole, he had been teleported out of the training grounds and returned to the white armor in the Hengqin sects mountain gate.

At that moment, he walked into Red Devils Cave abode.

Red Devil sat cross-legged, his beautiful face exuding a sense of tranquility.

This expression was completely contrary to what the outside world thought.

Even though the illusory screen of the training arena appeared before him.., however, he didnt seem to care too much about it.

It wasnt until the white-armored man walked to his side that Red Devil turned his head and looked at the white-armored man.

As for the white-armored man… he had the same calm expression.

Compared to the crazed look he had when he fought with Wang Baole, it was as if they were two different people.

Right now, there wasnt a hint of emotion on his face.

It was as if failure meant nothing to him, he didnt care.

Only the gentleness deep within his eyes would show when he met Red Devils gaze.

“Did you do it on Purpose”Red Devil asked softly.

“I was originally worried about you, worried that Yin Xi and the others wouldnt be willing and push you out… thats why I planned to personally eliminate you.”The white-armored man smiled and sat beside Red Devil, he gently stroked Red Devils head.

“So, I am very grateful to this newcomer.

Since you are safe, I have no interest in ascending to the Dao.

I only want… to be with you.”The white-armored man spoke softly.

“The moment I saw that you had given up your qualifications and wanted to fight this person, I already understood your choice.

However… as for master…”Red Devil revealed a smile as he leaned against the white-armored mans shoulder and spoke softly.

“Shes no longer master,”the white armor said.

“She wants to be Master.”After a long moment of silence, he looked up at the illusory battlefield in the arena trial by fire, and then at the Final Four.

“Shi Lingzi,”Red Devil said, looking up at the final four in the illusory screen, “Seems foolish and impulsive.

But this time… he seems to have chosen to do the same thing as you.”.

“After so many years, as a dao child, it is impossible for anyone to not understand the truth.

If he is unwilling, unless everyone is unwilling, he will not force us to be his master.”

As the White armor and Red Devil conversed, in the arena of the top four, Wang Baole and Shi Lingzis bubbles had completely fused.

In an instant, there was no longer any obstacle between Wang Baole and Shi Lingzi.

He stared at Wang Baole, and his eyes instantly turned bloodshot.

There was resentment and anger hidden in his eyes.

However, for some reason, Wang Baole looked at Shi Lingzi and felt that his expression seemed to be intentional.

Thats interesting.

Its the same for the white armor and Shi Lingzi… Wang Baole narrowed his eyes, deep in thought.

If all these things were divided into two different conditions, then the answer would be the same.

Firstly, if the Dao children didnt know what would happen after they became number one, then whether it was the white armor or Shi Lingzi, their hatred for him was clearly greater than anything else.

That was why they would rather give up their qualifications, they would rather fight with him.

However, it was clear that the hatred between them couldnt be considered at all, and it was far from reaching the point where they would have to fight even if they gave up their qualifications.

Yet, they had done so.

In that case, there was only one other possibility.

That Was… that the dao children knew what would happen if they became number one.

They didnt want to, but even though they had a tacit understanding of each other, they were also wary of each other, afraid that they would be pushed out to become number one.

That was why their appearance had given the white-armored dao children an excuse to use their anger and revenge to subtly give up the right to fight.

As for Shi Lingzi… There was a very high chance that he was thinking the same thing.

Whats more interesting is the distribution of my opponents.

There seems to be a deliberate attempt by the Master of Desire..

What a pathetic listening master, what a pathetic disciple.

Wang baole sighed softly in his heart.

However, this little bit of pity would not make him give up on his plan.

Everyone had different stances, which led to different approaches.

At that moment, Wang Baole suppressed all his thoughts.

He raised his head and looked at Shi Lingzi, who was seething with anger.

Shi Lingzi seemed to have calmed down after some preparation and acted more naturally.

He charged at Wang Baole and roared angrily.

“Its You! Ive been looking for you for a long time!”

Shi Lingzi wasnt particularly fast.

He looked extremely furious.

As he formed hand seals with both hands, countless musical notes appeared around him, forming a music score.

They turned into the shadows of weapons, looking very powerful.

Wang Baole didnt know if it was an illusion, but from the look in Shi Lingzis eyes, he seemed to have seen something else.

“Hurry up and attack.

Hurry up and kill me.

Hurry up, hurry up, hurry up…”

This made Wang Baole feel uncomfortable.

He felt that he had been used.

He raised his eyebrows and prepared to test if it was his judgment, causing his expression to change drastically, he assumed a hesitant stance and didnt dare attack.

His body retreated rapidly, and at that moment, he spoke.

“Dao Child, theres no need to give up on your qualifications.

Please bear witness.

For this round, I choose to admit…”

As soon as Wang Baole spoke, Shi Lingzi, who was opposite him, widened his eyes before he could finish his sentence.

He seemed to be anxious, afraid that Wang Baole would finish his sentence.

Suddenly, he let out a shrill scream, it was as if he had crashed into an invisible barrier.

He spat out a mouthful of blood, and all the music notes around his body shattered.

The weapons formed from the music scores also shattered into pieces.

As for Shi Lingzi himself, he was thrown backward and landed in the distance.

This scene immediately caused an uproar among the cultivators from the three sects outside.

“What kind of musical note technique is This!”

“This guy is actually so strong!”

“They havent even touched him, and this is only the beginning.”

Wang Baole didnt know about the uproar in the outside world, but he was also speechless.

It was just a test, and he had already confirmed his previous judgment.

Looking at Shi Lingzis exaggerated acting, he felt even more disgusted, especially when he saw Shi Lingzi struggling to get up and opening his mouth as if he wanted to say something..

Wang Baole didnt need to wait for him to speak.

He could guess that he had to admit defeat or something.

He snorted coldly and activated the overlapping notes in his body, displaying a portion of the power of the sound.

In the next instant, with the sound of a pop, and with a complicated expression on Shi Lingzis face, the air around Wang Baole fluctuated.

The aura of the notes appeared directly in front of Shi Lingzi and erupted abruptly.

Shi Lingzis mouth was wide open, and he didnt have time to close it.

His body was hit by the Aura, and he was instantly sent tumbling backward.

Blood spewed wildly from his mouth.

He was clearly a little irritable, as if his temper had risen and he was about to lose control of himself.

However, Wang Baole was also very annoyed.

He blinked and shouted loudly.

Before he could finish his words, Shi Lingzi shuddered.

He suppressed the anger in his heart and quickly shouted loudly.

The disciples of the three sects in the outside world, no matter how dim-witted they were, could vaguely make out what was going on.

Strange expressions appeared on their faces.

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