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The vortex appeared in the sky amidst the rumbling sound.

As it spread out in all directions, it seemed to have blown open the fog and destroyed the seal.

An incomparably huge white door seemed to have been pulled out of the void, it was directly revealed in the sky.

The door exuded an ancient aura.

It seemed to have existed for countless years.

With just a glance, it seemed to be able to sense the passage of time.

There were even blood stains on it, as if it had been closed in the past, and that it had paid a huge price.

This was… the door to the upper realm!

As it descended once again, its suppressive power spread out, causing the entire second level of the world to sink down three feet!

The city of desires also sank down, as if it were about to collapse.

All living things sank down, as if something heavy had fallen from their shoulders.

Cracking sounds could be heard from their bodies, and it was as if the pressure on them had increased significantly.

Such an imposing manner caused a majestic power to spread out from the door, causing everyone who saw it to be completely shocked.

Needless to say, the appearance of the door had clearly alarmed the upper realm.

Soon, masked white-robed men appeared around the door of the upper realm.

There were a total of nine of them, and each of them exuded a shocking aura, even though they werent as powerful as the Lord of Desire, they were still astonishing.

(the white-robed men in the previous paragraph)

That was because they were emperor spirits, the guards of the Imperial Emperor.

As soon as they appeared, streams of divine thoughts spread out from their bodies and locked onto the underground palace in the city of desire.

The instant they swept their divine thoughts over, Wang Baole, who was in the underground palace, opened his eyes.

As soon as he opened his eyes, cracking sounds reverberated in the heavens and earth.

Immediately, the nine white-robed men outside the gates of the upper realm let out mournful cries.

Their eyes were all shattered at that moment.

It was as if Wang Baole was now qualified to not be looked at directly.

That was indeed the case.

Before he had fused with the laws of seven emotions, he had become the source of desire.

He had combined his own laws of appetite and four emotions, as well as his own physical body, which had been fused with the blood of the emperor, he was already considered the number one desire master.

Suppressing the anger master was a piece of cake, not to mention now… he had fused with the seven emotions and formed the desire.

He was also the desire master.

This had allowed Wang Baoles combat strength to reach an earth-shattering level.

That was because… the will was the first desire.

It was so powerful that it could be split into seven parts and turned into the laws of the seven emotions.

One could see how powerful it was.

If that was the case, Wang Baole himself didnt know what level he was at now.

That was why he wanted to test it out.

Therefore, when he opened his eyes and the nine Emperor Spiritseyes collapsed, Wang Baole took a step forward in the underground palace.

His figure didnt disappear.

What changed was his surroundings… it was as if the stars had shifted, and he remained where he was, however, his original position changed immediately, turning into the heavens and the gates to the upper realm.

This scene caused all the seven emotions and desires masters, who were paying attention to everything, to be shocked.

Their breathing quickened, and they knew what this meant.

“Absolute control over the world and the laws!”The enraged master muttered.

As he looked at Wang Baoles figure, his eyes were filled with pain, and his heart was filled with respect.

The Eater, who had just emerged from seclusion, had the same thoughts.

She had mixed feelings, but she couldnt help but feel a sense of anticipation.

The Eater was also filled with anticipation.

His eyes were wide open.

Even though his eyes were stinging, he still tried his best to look.

He wanted to know if he would be able to win the gamble he had taken previously.

Under everyones gaze, Wang Baole, who was standing in front of the gates of the upper realm, didnt look at the emperor spirits around him.

Instead, he stared at the gates before him.

There was a hint of regret on his face.

He understood that once he pushed open the gates.., he would be able to enter the first level of the world.

That was where the emperor was in seclusion.

It was also his final mission as an avatar.

I dont know if my choice is right or wrong.

Wang Baole shook his head.

At that moment, the nine emperor spirits around him instantly charged at Wang baole from nine different directions.

Each of them turned into a wisp of black fog, like a rope.., it wrapped around him in an instant.

“Break!”Wang Baole stood there.

He didnt even raise his hand.

He merely uttered a single word.

However, that single word was like a spell.

As it reverberated in the air, the black rope formed by the nine monarch spirits around him broke inch by inch and shattered abruptly.

One had to know that even though the cultivation of one of the nine monarch spirits was inferior to that of the possessor, when they joined forces, even the possessor wouldnt be able to collapse with a single word like Wang Baole.

That was why the Lord of Desire and the Lord of seven emotions, who had seen the scene in the second level, felt their hearts thump once again.

However… the unique characteristic of monarch spirits was that they were immortal.

In the next moment, eighteen figures appeared and charged at Wang Baole once again.

Just like how they had fought against Wang Baoles true form, eighteen of them were destroyed very quickly, thirty-six appeared.

Thirty-six were destroyed, and seventy-two appeared.

Then, one hundred and forty-four appeared, and two hundred and eighty-eight appeared..

At that moment, the sigh in Wang Baoles eyes intensified.

He looked at the emperor spirits around him.

Even though they were all wearing masks, he knew that the appearance under the masks was exactly the same as his own.

Therefore, after a soft sigh, the blood of the emperor Emperor within Wang Baoles body was instantly activated and exploded, forming a blood fog that drifted outside,

against the Emperor Spirits, others might need to be suppressed and killed.

However, for Wang Baole, after fusing with the blood of the Emperor Spirits, he no longer needed it.

That was because… he and the emperor spirits were originally of the same origin, with the increase in the concentration of the same origin, he was now immune to all the divine abilities and spells that came from the emperor spirits.

That was indeed the case.

As the Qi and blood dispersed, the divine abilities of the hundreds of monarch spirits seemed to land on Wang Baole, but they didnt affect him at all.

It was as if they were all shadows, how could they possibly affect the perfected one.

Therefore, after repeated attempts with no results, and seeing Wang Baole walk step by step towards the gates of the upper realm, the monarch spirits grew anxious and began to split themselves.

The number of them continued to increase, gradually reaching thousands, slowly reaching tens of thousands, in the end… In the sky, Wang Baole was surrounded by the white-robed emperor spirits.

Their attacks had reached an earth-shattering level.

It could be said that no one in the second level of the world could resist them.

However, it still had no effect on Wang Baole.

Even their bodies couldnt be a hindrance, as if they didnt exist, wang baole, who was filled with Qi and blood, passed right through.

He walked to the front of the door to the upper realm.

After a few breaths of silence, determination appeared in Wang Baoles eyes.

He raised his right hand and was about to press on the door.

However, at that moment, an ancient voice suddenly sounded in the world.

“Have you thought it through”

As the voice appeared, a figure gathered above the door.

He stood there and looked at Wang Baole.

Wang Baole raised his head and looked at the person in front of him.

This was the first time they had truly met.

“Mystic Dust Grand Emperor!”Wang Baole said softly.

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