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Precious Peace Temple

Yu Youyao was undisciplined and lazy, always thinking of playing and never wanting to work hard. However, as long as it concerned her grandmother, it seemed like she could even hold up a falling sky.

Gossip and rumors were spread outside that she was stupid and mischievous, and couldnt even be compared to the daughter of a concubine in the Residence. However, it was clear that Yu Youyao was actually very bright. Even obscure medicinal theories werent too difficult for her.

In the evening, Yu Youyao ate dinner by herself and drank a cup of tea to help with her digestion, before resting for a short while. Then, once again, Nanny Xu took out a few books:Tea Scriptures,Heavenly Fragrance Records, andFinest Delicacies.

Yu Youyao pouted and reluctantly put down the slice of cake she had just picked up, then followed along and learned obediently.

Actually, it wasnt that Yu Youyao was studious or eager to learn.

It was because Nanny Xu was too smart. Not only could she grasp Yu Youyaos personality, but she also had many skills and much knowledge that Yu Youyao just had to learn from her. Furthermore, she was excellent at teaching. The abstract and dry medicinal theories became clear and interesting after she explained them.

Most importantly, these werent difficult for Yu Youyao to learn, and she understood them easily. Since she could pick up new skills and theories with ease, there wasnt any reason not to learn.

After all, she wasnt a fool!

And so, she spent her following days focused on learning, deeply immersed in her studies. Before she knew it, it was already February 7th.

After two hours of etiquette classes, Yu Youyao was drenched in sweat. She instructed Chun Xiao to help with her bath, then returned to her room.

Dong Mei brought a dark green dress with a light green outer jacket and passed them to Yu Youyao.

It was now February; the weather was cold yet warm. Those in the capital had long shed their winter jackets, and changed into spring clothes.

Yu Youyao thought that this outfit looked pretty good and had no objections.

However, Nanny Xu was not very satisfied with it, so she personally picked out another outfit—a lotus-colored pleated skirt, a light pink collared shirt, and a white embroidered cloak that reached her waist. It looked lovelier, while also providing more warmth than the outfit chosen by Dong Mei.

Nanny Xu helped Yu Youyao put on her clothes and took the opportunity to teach Dong Mei and Chun Xiao. “Although it is necessary to dress more appropriately when you go to the temple to pray, youre still young and the elders in the family are all healthy, so you should dress simply but not dully. Also, the spring breeze in February is still piercing, so you have to be careful not to catch a cold, or youll feel the effects on your body when youre old!”

Dong Mei and Chun Xiao showed their understanding by bowing their heads.

“Dont learn from the main courtyard, the way they behave is just for show. Its not principled behavior and its too shallow. Third Miss is smart, but why do you think she isnt able to impress Old Madam” Nanny Xu shot a look at Dong Mei and Chun Xiao as she combed Yu Youyaos hair into two space buns, with a pink pearl chain on each side.

In the polished glass mirror, the little girls clothes looked simple but lovely.

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After getting ready, a maidservant served breakfast.

Yu Youyao ate a little when Qing Xiu from Old Madams house came over. “The Residences carriage is waiting outside. Old Madam wants Eldest Miss to head to the flower gate at the front courtyard.”

Yu Youyao went along the corridor with Dong Mei and Chun Xiao, to the flower gate at the front courtyard.

Old Madam Yu was already waiting there, with Nanny Liu by her side.

Yu Jianjia tilted her head and spoke to Yang Shuwan, who was beside her. There was some redness around her eyes, and a tinge of red between her white lips. She was wearing a long, white robe with intricate patterns. There were red roses at the collar, adding a pop of color to her pure white outfit, making her look beautiful.

Perhaps because she was dressed too lightly, her thin body trembled slightly. Her tiny movements made her look even smaller and more delicate, rousing an urge to care for her.

Yu Youyao greeted both her grandmother and Yang Shuwan.

After learning etiquette and manners from Nanny Xu for a few days, it seemed like she was already getting the hang of it. Old Madam Yu nodded in satisfaction. “Yao Yao, you look wonderful dressed up.” She held Yu Youyaos little hand as she spoke. When Old Madam Yu felt Yu Youyaos warm palms, a smile appeared on her lips. “Its good that youre dressed warm enough for the cold.”

With that, she glanced at Yu Jianjia.

Of course, it was understandable for young ladies to want to look beautiful. However, Yu Jianjia was weak to begin with. If she wore such thin clothes and got sick from the cold, she would suffer. And it would cause additional trouble for the people in the Residence too.

That was not all. She was also wrapped in such dull clothes that just looking at it felt like bad luck. After all, Old Madam Yu wasnt dead nor at such an old age yet. Who was Yu Jianjia putting on such an act for

This was exactly how Madam Yang had behaved when she first married into the family. Like mother, like daughter—this saying was really true.

After a long while, Fourth Miss Yu Qingning finally arrived.

Yu Qingning dressed up more than meticulously. She was wearing an outer garment with light-red pomegranate patterns and a skirt of the same color. There was a red ruby flower on each of her space buns, which made her eyes look even more charming. She looked undeniably immaculate from head to toe. Even her shoes with pomegranate designs that peeked out from under her dress looked quite exquisite.

Old Madam Yu took one look and turned away.

One looked too somber, as if someone from their family had passed. The other looked too ostentatious, forgetting that she was going to offer incense at the temple, not attending a banquet.

She was indeed raised by the concubine and wasnt presentable after all.

At this thought, Old Madam Yu couldnt help but look at Yaoyao with a smile in her eyes.

Yu Qingning went forward to greet Old Madam, Yu and lowered her head to address Yang Shuwan obediently, “Mother.”

Yang Shuwan praised her lightly, “Qingning looks really beautiful today.”

Getting to go out was rare, so she had put on all of her best clothes and jewelry. Feeling a little smug, she looked at Yu Qingning and Yu Youyao, and the corners of her mouth curled up without her realizing.

Outside, four large carriages were waiting.

Next, the Second Madam, Madam Yao, led Yu Shuangbai and a few other daughters of the concubines over to say their greetings too. Then, the group boarded the carriages one after another.

Old Madam Yu, Madam Yao, and Madam Yang shared one carriage, while the young mistresses were split into two carriages. In another carriage that followed behind were the remaining servants and old maids. Finally, the carriage wheels started rolling towards the Precious Peace Temple.

The interior of each carriage was very spacious. There were seats on three sides and they were covered with soft cushions. Seated on each side was a mistress with two of her maidservants, and there was more than enough space.

Smoke rose from the incense burner on the low ebony table. It was full of tea, fruits, and snacks.

Yu Youyao closed her eyes and leaned against the wall of the carriage to take a nap. Yu Jianjia covered her mouth with her handkerchief and coughed lightly from time to time. Her clear, fair face had a touch of abnormally bright red, making her look especially delicate and charming.

Seeing how lightly she was dressed, Yu Shuangbai asked her maidservant, Zhen Zhu, to pass her spare cloak to Yu Jianjia.

Yu Jianjia shook her head and said that she didnt feel cold.

And so, Yu Shuangbai did not insist further.

It was a rare outing, so Yu Qingning was very enthusiastic. “Why is Big Sister sleeping as soon as she gets into the car In the past, she was the happiest when we got to go out.”

Yu Shuangbai swallowed a mouthful of pastry and said in a low voice, “Keep your voice down. Big Sister has to get up at dawn every day to learn the rules. She must be sleepy.”

At the mention of learning the rules, Yu Qingning shut her mouth resentfully. She turned her head away and lifted the carriage curtain. There were many carriages outside. Just like their family, they were all heading towards the Precious Peace Temple.

“Every time theres a Spring Festival, the amount of incense offerings at Precious Peace Temple always increases so much that less prominent families cant even get in.”

Yu Jianjia agreed deeply and said softly, “Our family had long arranged a donation to Precious Peace Temple last month, booking a room and a vegetarian meal for today. We even asked for some special Bodhisattva incense ash. When we return, we can give it to the young men of the Yu Clan who are participating in this years examination.”

All of this was their usual practice.



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