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Communication Jade slip

Ke Xin nodded after hearing Dong Xis words. With the jade slip, they could contact each other at any time. When the time came, they would know everything. There was no need to ask around.

Ke Xin said to Dong Xi with a smile, “Thats right. We need a communication jade slip so that we can contact each other in the future.”

Dong Xi thought to herself,Are you sure you want to contact her You just want to gossip, dont you

Dong Xi did not expose Ke Xin. She saw that most of the people on the street were disciples of the Ningtian Sect, and they were all wearing the uniform of the sect.

It was said that some of the shops here would even give a discount to the disciples of the Ningtian Sect. Ke Xin thought about the jade slip and brought Dong Xi to find out where to buy it. She immediately went to the jade slip shop. This thing was something that everyone in the cultivation world could have.

The price of a piece of basic equipment was not very high. The two of them soon arrived at a jade slip shop. Ke Xin impatiently dragged Dong Xi in. As soon as they entered, Ke Xin loudly asked, “Whats the price Shopkeeper, do you have any more communication jade slips”

A person quickly walked out from the counter. After seeing the two girls age and the clothes they were wearing, a professional smile immediately appeared on his face. As long as they entered the door, they were guests and must be treated well. The waiter said with a smile, “You two are the new disciples of the Ningtian Sect”

Dong Xi nodded. She wondered what qualification was needed to buy a jade slip. However, when she saw the smile on the waiters face, Dong Xi seemed to have understood something. Whether it was in the 21st century or the Immortal cultivation world, business should be the same.

Dong Xi said indifferently, “Thats right. Why does your shop offer a discount ”

The waiter still had a professional smile on his face. Jade slips were not sold by his shop alone. Now that someone had entered the shop, of course, he would try his best to get the customer to buy it in his own shop.

The waiter immediately said, “Of course I do. May I know what type of jade slips you two Fairies want”

Dong Xi was stunned when he heard this. There were even categories Just like how there were brands for cell phones in the 21st century Every brand was different

However, Dong Xin did not care that much. She instead waved her hand and said to the waiter, “Take them all out, lets choose.”

The waiter nodded, turned around, and walked back to the counter. After a while, he found a wooden box from an unremarkable place, took out all the jade slips inside, and said to the two with a smile, “Faries, these are the jade slips you wanted. The white ones are more common and relatively cheaper. The pink and green ones are relatively more expensive.”

Ke Xin looked at the jade slips in front of her and immediately took a fancy to one of the pink ones. After comparing it to the other colors, this pink one looked the best. She held the pink one in her hand and asked the waiter, “How much do you need for this”

The waiter was very good at reading peoples expressions. When he saw Ke Xin holding the jade slip fondly, he knew that he had made a profit. He frowned and thought for a moment, then looked at Ke Xin with a smile and said sincerely, “It should have been 13 low-grade spirit stones.”

“But we have a rule in our shop that disciples of the Ningtian Sect get a discount when they buy anything. Eight spirit stones will do.”

At first, Ke Xin had been a little worried that she would not be able to buy it if she did not have enough spirit stones. However, after hearing about the discount, she had just enough spirit stones on hand.

Just as she was about to pay, she heard Dong Xi say, “Give us a cheaper price.”

Ke Xin was clearly taken aback. You can even haggle over this This was a communication jade slip, and it had always been quite expensive. The shopkeeper most likely would not agree to this.

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Ke Xin watched as Dong X put on a cold expression and pointed at the jade slip as she spoke to the waiter. “These are all designs from many years ago. Itll be hard for you guys to sell it. If we dont buy it, youll have to wait a long time before you can find a disciple who is willing to buy it. If you cant sell it, and you still need to occupy space, its more appropriate to sell it to us at a lower price now.”

The waiter originally wanted to earn more, but he did not expect that these children would be so hard to fool. They even knew how to bargain. However, the waiter still wanted to fight for more sales, so he said with a serious face, “Little Fairy, Im just an employee, I cant make the decision. Whatever price the owner wants me to sell it for, I can only sell it for that price.”

Dong Xi knew that this was the same as the mobile phone in his previous life. The profit was high. In fact, these jade slips could not be so expensive. The price should be very low.

Dong Xi said to the waiter, “Then go and invite the Boss over, Ill talk to him.”



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