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Chapter 1075: No One Could Stop Him

When Mr.

and Mrs.

Lu heard that, they were frightened and hurriedly pushed their son, Lu Weihua, out of the Lu familys courtyard.

Then they rushed back to apologize.

“His brain is confused, and hes talking nonsense.

Young Master Lu, just pretend that we did not come today.”

After they said that, Mr.

and Mrs.

Lu pulled the pregnant woman along with them and left.

They left the Chen family to their tears.

The Lu family came and left quickly.

After they had left, Jiang Yao sat on the sofa and averted her gaze from the door.

The Lu family did not go far, so Jiang Yao could easily hear what they said outside the house.

Lu Weihua was very unhappy after his parents dragged him away.

He cursed all the way out of the Lu familys courtyard.

“Enough! They have neighbors everywhere.

Shut your mouth!” Mr.

Lu was afraid of Lu Xingzhis threats.

He was not only fearful that Lu Xingzhi would make him lose his job.

He was scared of the way Lu Xingzhi would make him lose his job.

Even though his unit was not practical, he was still a director with the bureau.

In the past few years, he had taken a lot of bribes.

He was afraid that Lu Xingzhi would report him.

“Alright, if the job is gone, so be it.

Didnt you hear why Lu Xingzhi wanted to teach you a lesson Do you really think its because of Chen Lanying” Mrs.

Lu shouted at the father and son duo, who were about to quarrel.

She said, “He was angry because of what you said, so he took your job.

That is a warning for you.

Just keep your mouth shut in the future.”

When Mrs.

Lu heard Lu Xingzhis words, she was relieved.

All she needed to do was confirm that Lu Xingzhi and Chen Lanying had nothing to do with each other.

She said, “Since you lost your job, we will use our connection and send you to another unit.

We have nothing to do with the Lu family.

Dont provoke them anymore.

They will no longer chase after you to deal with you, so work matters are not important.”

After she said that, Mrs.

Lu looked at the pregnant woman beside Lu Weihua.

Compared to her previous daughter-in-law, Mrs.

Lu still preferred Chen Lanying because she had a good education and a good job.

She was more capable.

The only good thing about her new daughter-in-law was that she was better at grasping a mans heart than Chen Lanying.

However, that woman had only studied for a few years in a primary school and did not have a job.

She was only married to her son because she was a vixen who got pregnant with his child.

If word got out, it would bring shame to the Lu family.

However, there was nothing she could do.

She could not stop who her son dated.

Therefore, Mrs.

Lu could only curse Chen Lanying for wasting her education.

She could not keep her man; she caused her son to be an idiot to marry such a woman.

“Dont go anywhere.

Just stay at home and take care of the baby.

Im looking forward to you giving birth to a healthy grandson!” Mrs.

Lu raised her hand and touched her new daughter-in-laws belly with a face full of anticipation.

“Dont be like that woman, Chen Lanying, who is useless and gave birth to a sick child.”

“Mom, dont worry.”

The woman chuckled.

After Jiang Yao heard that, she did not continue to listen to them.

She only heard the laughter of the four Lu family members who had turned their anger into joy.

Which hospital did that woman go for a check-up to confirm that the baby in her stomach was a boy

She knew that they would be disappointed.

Jiang Yao was certain that the baby in that womans stomach was a girl.

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