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Chapter 110: She Has No Personal Ambition

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Besides, what the h*ll was Favorability Value Why would she want to do someone a favor just for the sake of earning credit for the value She could just work hard on her own and didnt want to live such a tiresome life.

“Hey, why arent you the least bit excited”

Moe observed Jiang Yao for a while.

After exploring the system, he watched her sit on the chair and flip the books on the desk.

From the looks of it, she didnt seem like she was excited to own the system.

Did she even know that the medical knowledge in the system was hundreds of thousands of times more comprehensive than the books in her hands

“Why should I I have to go around offering favors to the people who have nothing to do with me simply to gain some Favorability Value.

Now, tell me, why would I do that” Jiang Yao rolled her eyes.

She was always so willful and stubborn, which was why she had missed so many chances with Lu Xingzhi in her previous life.

“Its not like you have to do it deliberately.

Its just being kind, you know The thing about the Favorability Value is that its not as hard to gain as you think,” Moe said, getting a little antsy.

“Look at all the respectable and esteemed people from ancient times to the present.

You know theyre nice people, dont you However, regardless of whether theyre really nice or otherwise, theyre still admired by many!”

“You are telling me to be pretentious then…” Jiang Yao shot a sideways glance at Moe, taunting, “Sure enough, you have spent a lot of time on earth.

Looks like you know quite a lot about us humans.”

Moe snorted and scratched his little nose annoyingly.

“What am I giving you the system for if you dont use it Such powerful Medical System is going down the drain.”

“Take it back, then.

I will be ever so grateful if you take it back, more thankful than when you saved me!” Jiang Yao said seriously.

Moe sighed and murmured to himself, “If I could take it back, Id already have done so, rather than to give it to you, the ungrateful and foolish human who takes it for granted!”

When Wen Xuehui pushed the door open, she saw Jiang Yao sitting alone in a daze.

Moe had walked away from the balcony angrily and she wasnt sure where he had gone off to.

“Are you alone” Wen Xuehui asked to confirm as she walked in.

Seeing that other roommates hadnt returned yet, she pulled Jiang Yao out and went out of the dorm.

Exactly like the scene in her previous life, Wen Xuehui told Jiang Yao about a Chinese restaurant in the South Block that only started operating six months ago.

The restaurant gained a lot of good reviews through word of mouth recommendation.

Jiang Yao recalled that in her previous life, Wen Xuehui had told her about meeting the man in the restaurant on the first day of school.

So, when Jiang Yao heard her suggestion, she reflexively blurted out an excuse to not go to the South Block.

“Im a little tired from the traveling today, I dont want to go that far.

Why dont we just have dinner nearby We can go to the restaurant tomorrow with our roommates, the more the merrier.”

Wen Xuehui was a local, she didnt know where Jiang Yao came from and how long she took for her journey here.

She stopped insisting on going to the South Block after hearing Jiang Yaos remarks.

Wen Xuehui wouldnt have known that Jiang Yao was thinking about her now.

As Jiang Yao replayed the incident that happened before rebirth, she remembered that Wen Xuehui had met the person who changed her life entirely in the aforementioned restaurant.

Wen Xuehui had been the apple of the Wen familys eyes since young.

Her father was the president of Nanjiang Medical University, whereas her mother was an esteemed socialite from an aristocratic family who was also the director of Nanjiang First Hospital.

Wen Xuehui had had a very protective and loving upbringing as she grew up.

When Wen Xuehui was a freshman, she met Li Ronghui, who was in a junior year.

Speaking of Li Ronghui, he was a famous student at the university.

He had an excellent academic track record, and he was handsome and polite.

The girls in the university often described him as a warm ray of sunshine that they constantly pursued.

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