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Chapter 1199: A Complete Analysis

That young man could engage with the staff in the coffee shop so frequently and jokingly, so he must be one of the wait staff in the coffee shop.

Colonel Lin nodded repeatedly.

He praised Jiang Yao discreetly and gave her another thumbs up.

“Are you finished with your analysis” he asked.

Jiang Yao smiled.

“Are you expecting me to tell you about the waiter who smashed my coffee and took me to the ladies room”

Colonel Lins face froze.

He busted out laughing a few seconds later.

“Excellent work, Jiang Yao.

I did not expect you to be that perceptive.

How did you see right through that Please tell me!”

“I liked Lu Xingzhis intelligence for devising such a test.” Jiang Yao secretly regarded Lu Xingzhi as her idol.

It was a battery of tests.

She was about to fall into a trap if she were not careful.

“He claimed he would give me 20 minutes to observe, but he barely gave me around five minutes,” Jiang Yao explained.

“The waiters job was to pour coffee on me while making sure it did not burn me.

The waitress was to drag me into the female restroom and waste my time.

She kept dragging me in there to speak with me.

She would not let me out for another 20 minutes.”

Jiang Yao smiled as she glanced at the waiter at the bar counter with a tray in his hands.

“He should be a soldier or a policeman.

His footsteps are very solid, and he is highly adaptable.

He must ensure that when he comes over, regardless of how I move.

He must appear extremely natural when he drops the coffee as if it was an accident and not intentional.

He must also ensure that he does not burn me.

He walks with an extremely upright posture.

Even though he is holding a tray, he remains relatively upright.

This type of standing stance is common among police officers and soldiers.”

Jiang Yao was done speaking at that point.

Her glance dropped softly on Colonel Lins face, attempting to decipher his expression to determine if she had provided a good answer.

Colonel Lin looked delighted, which indicated that he was pleased with her response.

“There is one more item that you did not get right.

The waitress who dragged you to the restroom was not only to stall you but also to test your vigilance against strangers.” Colonel Lin smiled.”She had a form in her hand.

She had never seen you before and knew nothing about you.

She needed to understand you through various methods during the time she was in the restroom.

The form asked for your height, age, hometown, occupation, education, profession, and other information as well.

She could not fill out those forms based on her estimations.

She had to deduce the solution from your responses, including your clothing.

Your points would have been forfeited if your coat remained in her hands as you stepped out of the restroom.”

“Oh, my goodness!” Jiang Yao could not stop laughing.

“As a result, it is entirely feasible that there are hidden mysteries in each segment.

I might not have been able to pass that stage just now when I was in the restroom if I had been a little moved by her naivety and enthusiasm and chatted with her a little longer.”

“Uh-huh.” Colonel Lin nodded.

“The impact is significant.

In that section, the waitress form accounts for a substantial part.”

Colonel Lin motioned to the waitress.

When the waitress noticed that, she dashed toward Colonel Lin and Jiang Yao.

She smiled at Jiang Yao after she sat down.

“Hello, may I reintroduce myself” she said, holding out her hand.

“My name is Xiao Li, and I work in the Police Crime Squads Archives Department.”

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