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Chapter 1211: Pointless

Even if Liang Yueze were in Yuan City the previous day, he would certainly be back in Jindo City that day.

That was Lu Xingzhis educated guess.

He was as familiar with Liang Yueze as he was with himself.

Lu Xingzhi could empathize with Liang Yuezes emotions during that long year about half a year ago.

He probably did not want Luo Ruoran to leave just like that, which is why Liang Yueze did not accompany her to the airport, even if he were in Jindo City that day.

There was one thing that Lu Xingzhi did not understand.

If he could not bear the thought of his wife leaving, why did he leave her in the first place Even if she had a harsh demeanor, she was still not as bad as Liang Yueze.

If Liang Yueze did not want someone to leave him, that person would not be able to fly away even if they were to gain wings.

Unless he did not want that person to stay.

Even though he wanted her to stay, he did not have the heart to get her to remain with him.

It was a highly conflicting emotion.

Lu Xingzhi could feel the strain and pain in Liang Yuezes heart through the phone.

“Its pointless.” Liang Yueze, who had been exposed, made no additional comment.

“Ive asked Eldest Brother to email you the original report from the hospital.

Did you receive it Revisions have been made to the report.

It had been modified from immediate kin to no blood ties at all.”

“I got it.” Lu Xingzhi sighed.

It was one of his flaws; he did not know how to comfort someone.

It was the same as when Jiang Yao paid him little attention.

Even though he was irritated, anxious, and at a loss, he did not know what to do about it.

He did not know how to change the situation.

That sense of helplessness was akin to expecting him to confront an army alone.

Even if he had to do that, he would not have to scowl at his adversary.

The worst-case scenario was that he would lose his life.

However, it was different with Jiang Yao.

He did not know how to deal with that.

He could not speak harshly with her, could not see her suffer or be miserable—he could not bear to see her unhappy.

However, he was the one who had caused her distress.

Lu Xingzhi considered himself fortunate to have received Jiang Yaos acknowledgment—her profound affection and attachment to him.

Yaoyao had said that Luo Ruoran might not return for several years once she traveled abroad.

“Her ancestors were from here.

Her family members are here.

She will return,” Liang Yueze said.

“Even Second Brother comes back frequently, right”

No matter how busy Luo Ruoran got while she was away, and no matter how much she did not want to return, her family was still there.

She was a dutiful daughter, so she would return to visit her parents regularly.

Additionally, her parents were not as adventurous as Gu Haoyus parents.

Her parents were always homesick whenever they traveled for business purposes.

They would always stay at home in Jindo City whenever they were not working.

Lu Xingzhi made no other comment.

Those two men were not good with words.

They remained silent for a little while longer before they hung up the phone.

At dusk, Jiang Yao finally returned home.

Lu Xingzhi had not yet reached home when she got back.

She examined the pot of cactus, which was only the size of a palm.

Then, she looked at the durian that was only available in Jindo City.

She pushed the plant aside and walked to the kitchen to retrieve a tool for opening the durian.

She had intended to get durian for Lu Xingzhi to use as a pillow at night when she was upset.

However, after she had a whiff of the durians scent, she had developed an appetite for it.

She could get Lu Xingzhi to consider using such a rare and delectable fruit as a pillow, but it was a waste of the durian.

So, she decided to leave the cactus for Lu Xingzhi.

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