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Jiang Yao had only guessed that Wen Yunfang would probably be there that day, so she had ordered Moe to punish Wen Yunfang in advance.

She had not expected that Wen Yunfang and Sister Wen would cooperate so well and put on a big show for everyone.

The name of that big show was called the Fairies Descendent.

When Jiang Yao saw Ah Zhu laughing so happily, she also curved her lips into a smile.

She whispered, “Then is the young miss good-looking or not”

Ah Zhu snorted.

“That face is made of money.

To be honest, she is not ugly.

She looks like a local girl from Shu City.

Her skin is slightly dark, but her facial features are quite good-looking, especially her eyes.

The corners of her eyes are slightly raised..

The older generation would say that she has fox eyes and was born to seduce people.

Other than that man chasing after her and calling her a fairy, there is something else that you should know.”

Jiang Yao immediately became interested when she heard the gossip about her love rival.

Lu Xingzhi finally knew that Jiang Yao was waiting to see Wen Yunfang make a fool of herself.

Even Wen Yunfangs face might have something to do with Jiang Yao.

He knew her well.

His wife always had some strange medicine that could catch people off guard.

Furthermore, he did not see Moe, who should have been hiding in Jiang Yaos pocket.

He must have gone out to do something for Jiang Yao.

“The person who chased after her and called her a fairy is the son of a government official in Shu City.

When he was young, he had a high fever and meningitis, which damaged his brain and made him a fool.

When he saw a girl in a white dress, he chased her and called her a fairy.

No matter if the person were a three-year-old girl or an 80-year-old woman, as long as they had long hair and wore white clothes, he would call them a fairy.

He chased after her and made a wish to eat a basket of candies.”

Jiang Yao burst out in laughter.

Was that something one should be proud of

So, no matter a womans competence, she would have some madness in her.

In Sister Wens case, her daughter would be more elegant than the average person even if she farted.

So, Sister Wens weakness must be her daughter, Wen Yunfang.

When Ah Zhu saw Jiang Yao laughing and smiling happily, he said, “I dont know what she did to protect her skin, and I dont know how long it will take for her face to recover.

However, that is also good.

God is on your side.

Before her face recovers, she definitely wont come out and trouble you.”

Hence, Ah Zhu felt Gu Changshu and Gu Junhui were fortunate.

Then, Ah Zhu said, “Young Miss could make money, but she could also spend them.

If shes afraid, she can fly abroad to save her face.

I even heard that she let some bugs roll on her face and suck on it.

Just thinking about it makes me sick.”

That was the most disgusting thing Ah Zhu had ever heard.

When he first moved into the house, he heard Sister Wen ordered the servants to look for raw cows blood and then mix it with raw eggs to apply it to her face.

Ah Zhu could not find any words to describe it.

The servants said that the young miss had a traditional prescription that could make her skin more tender.

A young womans face should already be youthful and tender.

Why bother with that

While Lu Xingzhi was tidying up the room, Jiang Yao sat on a chair and listened to Ah Zhus stories about the fairy for half the afternoon.

Even though it sounded disgusting at times, it was hilarious.

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