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Chapter 1361: Comfort

“Ill send you home,” Brother Ding said.

“Home” Ding Xiaomei smiled, but tears streamed from her eyes.

“Do I still have the dignity to go back What if Mom, Grandfather, and Grandmother ask about my brother What should I say Do I tell them how I lost my brother Or how I escaped and would rather walk in every corner of every city, drinking dirty water to quench my thirst and eating food from the garbage can I dont want to go back to my hometown.

I cant bring myself to go back during the most difficult time of my life, and now Im even more ashamed to go back! Why dont you return my brother to me You dont have to chase me away.

Ill take my brother and leave.

Ill never bother you again!”

“I dont want to chase you away—” Brother Ding was helpless and wanted to explain.

“Then tell them to get lost!” Ding Xiaomei interrupted Brother Dings words.

Brother Ding looked at his daughter, then looked at Wen Yunfang and Sister Wen on the floor.

He called for someone to send the two to the hospital and then asked the servants to pack their bags.

Wen Yunfang was beaten so severely that she could not even walk.

Sister Wens body was also full of injuries.

She was used to being pampered, so how could she carry such a big daughter

Brother Ding watched from the side.

In the end, he walked forward and carried Wen Yunfang toward the parked car outside the door.

Wen Yunfang knew that she had made the right bet.

She buried herself in Brother Dings arms and cried in a low voice.

“Godfather, I know I was wrong.

I was too afraid that someone would take your love away from me.

Godfather, dont be angry.

Dont abandon my mother and me.”

“Xiao Mei is angry now.

I must have hit you too hard.

Go to the hospital first.

After youre done, go to Xiang City and stay there.

When you get my other child back, Ill bring you back from Xiang City,” Brother Ding said that to make Wen Yunfang stop scheming.

She could only return to his side if she brought his son back.

“Godfather, I understand.

I will go back and look for that child.” Wen Yunfang nodded repeatedly.

Brother Ding stood at the door and watched as Sister Wen and Wen Yunfang got into the car.

He watched the servants pack up their things and put them in the car before they left.

After a few seconds, he turned around and went back.

The person standing there had already sat back on the sofa.

When she heard footsteps, Ding Xiaomei said in a faint voice, “Cant bear to see her leave Shes only been with you for a little more than ten years.

What about my mother She has been married to you for more time than that wild woman has been with you, right She even gave birth to your children and took care of your elderly parents.

Why werent you reluctant to leave then”

Brother Ding stopped in his tracks.

In the end, he did not answer her questions.

He turned around and called the servant to prepare a room for Ding Xiaomei.

Then, he said, “Go upstairs and pick a room that you like.

Then, rest well.

I have something to do.”

Ding Xiaomei looked coldly at Brother Ding, who had already left.

In the end, her heart was still filled with disappointment.

Jiang Yao was in the room telling Lu Xingzhi what had happened in the main building.

She told Lu Xingzhi that Brother Ding had almost crippled Wen Yunfang and even attacked Sister Wen.

Then, he sent Wen Yunfang and Sister Wen to the hospital.

He even comforted them for a while.

Ding Xiaomei did not know what Brother Ding whispered to Wen Yunfang, but Jiang Yao heard everything clearly.

So, she told Lu Xingzhi everything.

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