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Chapter 1384: Take Her Home

The villagers in the small hill valley were honest and straightforward.

When they had something delicious to eat at home, they would invite the school teacher and the two doctors.

Even though most of Jiang Yao and Wen Xuehuis wages were used to pay for medicine, the monthly wages were only enough to cover their monthly expenses.

However, although they were poor during that time, the two girls were very happy.

As long as there was enough medicine in the infirmary, it would be enough for them to be happy for a long time.

Moe had worked hard following Sister Wen for the past few days.

After telling Jiang Yao what he had seen and heard from Sister Wen in the past few days, Moe went to the bathroom to wash.

Then, he crawled into Jiang Yaos bed and slept soundly.

Looking at his white belly, Jiang Yao urged to thank Moe for the first time.

She was touched and grateful.

Even though most of Mos words were unpleasant to hear, he was a warm-hearted cat.

Jiang Yao received a call from Lu Xingzhi before she went to bed.

He said that Ah Zhu would go to Xiang City the next day to pick her up and bring her back to Shu City, so she should pack her things early.

“So sudden”

Jiang Yao said, “There are still a lot of things that we havent figured out yet.

Sister Wen and Wen Yunfang—”

“As long as Brother Ding is caught and brought to justice, the truth will come out about the two of them.

Brother Ding cant protect them any longer.

Once Brother Ding is caught, if he thinks that the two of them had betrayed him and caused him to be captured, he will kill them.”

“If Sister Wen and Wen Yunfang are going to betray us, it will be very dangerous for you to continue staying there.

You should return to Shu City tomorrow,” Lu Xingzhi said.

Jiang Yao hugged herself under the blanket and snickered.

“You dont want me to continue interacting with Ouyang in private, right”

The man on the phone fell silent.

It was unknown whether her thoughts struck him or whether he did not know how to explain himself.

After waiting for a few seconds, Jiang Yao heard the man on the phone ask her in a suppressed voice, as if he was grinding his teeth, “Are you so happy that you cant bear to come back”

“No, no! I miss you so much! I miss you every day!” Jiang Yao shook her head and denied it repeatedly.

Jiang Yao knew that she must not provoke a man who had fallen into a vinegar vat, especially when she would return to Shu City the next day.

“Rest early and wait for me to come back.”

Lu Xingzhi chuckled as if he did not believe her words.

However, he still threw her a sentence before putting his phone away.

Although she was unsure if she could see Lu Xingzhi when she went back the next day, Jiang Yao was still excited when she knew that she would return to Shu City the next day.

She immediately jumped out of bed and packed her things.

Then, she wrapped herself in her blanket and spent the night in the medical system.

Ah Zhu arrived at around eight in the morning.

When he entered the house, his body was covered in frost.

It was clear how early he had set off.

“You said that youre here to pick up Gu Junhui”

Sister Wen sat at the dining table; the veins on her hand were protruding.

She had already tried her best to be calm.

However, her stiff sitting posture still betrayed her current emotions.

“Yes, Im following Brother Dings orders.”

Sister Wen and her daughter did not speak much to Ah Zhu.

He looked at Gu Junhui and said in a much gentler tone, “Sister, what are you still standing there for Didnt Changshu tell you in advance Come with me after youre done packing.”

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