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Chapter 1514: Wang Xian Is Pregnant

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Actually, Jiang Yao had already confirmed that Wang Xian was pregnant.

Wang Xian had also been pregnant around that time in her previous life.

Wang Xian did not expect Jiang Yao to be so sharp and instantly guessed it.

She was stunned for a moment, then nodded shyly and acknowledged it.

“Thats great!” Jiang Yao turned to her parents and said, “Dad and Mom, congratulations on becoming a grandfather and grandmother! And to Eldest Brother, congratulations on becoming a father! This is great!”

Jiang Yao felt a little envious.

She could not have a child for the time being.

She could only have a child after her body recovered.

Therefore, she could only be a mother next year at the earliest.

After saying her congratulations, Jiang Yao gave some pointers to Wang Xian on how to deal with her pregnancy from a doctors point of view.

Her knowledge stunned Wang Xian.

Even Mr.

and Mrs.

Jiang were dumbfounded.

“In addition to what Ive told you, you must go to the hospital regularly for a check-up during your pregnancy.

Let Eldest Brother accompany you.

You cant stop going just because you think its troublesome.

Even though it costs money, you have to spend it.

Its essential as this is when the childs brain, bones, and internal organs develop.

Even if you dont have an appetite during this period, you will still need to eat to give nutrition to your child.

You should eat apples, grapes, and seasonal fruits.”

“Medical students must know so much about this.

Yaoyao looks so much like a doctor now.” Mrs.

Jiang was happy.

Her daughter was like one of those doctors in the gynecology and obstetrics department in the hospital.

Jiang Yao sighed in relief.

Then, she handed the medal on the coffee table to her family.

They were all very excited for her.

The first night back home, Jiang Yao was surrounded and cared for by her family.

She was so busy that she did not even have time to look at Lu Xingzhi.

After Lu Xingzhi sent her parents home, she reluctantly returned to her room to shower and rest.

When she came out of the shower, her phone was ringing.

She picked it up and saw that it was Liang Yueze.

“Where is Lu Xingzhi” Liang Yueze asked when he heard Jiang Yaos voice.

“Hes sending my parents home.

He might be on his way back now.

Why dont I ask him to call you when hes back He might have forgotten to bring his phone with him.”

Liang Yueze” said, “No need.

I can tell you; its the same anyway.

Ge Wenwen has been found and sent to a provincial resettlement point.


Ge is dead.

She was beaten to death and has been dead for several days.”

“Shes dead” Jiang Yao was shocked.

“Yes, I heard that Mrs.

Ge bit two of the dwarf brothers when she went crazy.

Then, she was severely beaten by those two brothers.

She had severe injuries and died.

It was already too late when the rescue team got to her.

Since we know Ge Wenwens identity, they contacted her grandmother.

However, Ge Wenwens grandmother said that Ge Wenwens father had not had anything to do with her in a long time.

So, she did not know Ge Wenwen well..

When Sergeant Ges wife found out about it, she said that shes willing to care for Ge Wenwen.”

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