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Cheng Jinyan lay the newspaper on his lap and answered Jiang Yao.

“I did not bring any.

I did come to pick up Xiao Nian, but I shamelessly agreed when Auntie invited me for lunch.

Im greedy because Xiao Nian told me that Aunties cooking is delicious.”

After that, Cheng Jinyan stood up.

“Thank you for taking care of Xiao Nian last night when he was sick.”

Jiang Yao curled her lips.

“A doctor is benevolent.

Im a doctor.

Then, Jiang Yao went to the dining table to eat breakfast.

Since Cheng Jinnian was sick last night, Mrs.

Lu had made only light breakfast.

Cheng Jinnian also sat on the dining chair beside Jiang Yao while he was eating breakfast.

He said, “Sister, Im leaving in the afternoon.”

“I know,” Jiang Yao replied without even looking at him.

Cheng Jinnian looked disappointed when he saw Jiang Yaos cold face.

He sat there and did not say anything.

He just quietly watched Jiang Yao eat.

After eating, he took the bowl back to the kitchen before returning to Cheng Jinyans side and sat down.

He whispered to Cheng Jinyan, “Brother, Sister was really nice to me last night, but I dont know why she became like that when she woke up.”

When Jiang Yao was washing the dishes in the kitchen, she remembered that she seemed to have received a call from Cheng Jinyan in the morning.

When Cheng Jinyan asked if it was Jiang Yao, she seemed to have rudely rebutted him.

What did she say to him that morning

Jiang Yao racked her brain for a few seconds.

When she remembered, she scratched her head and decided not to say anything about that to Cheng Jinyan.

She was determined to pretend that she had forgotten!

When Jiang Yao walked out of the kitchen, she saw Mr.

Lu coming in with a basket.

Jiang Yao asked curiously, “Dad, why are you going out to buy vegetables” Usually, it was Mrs.

Lu who went.

“It might rain in the next few days.

Your mother woke up in the morning with a sore knee.

It must be her arthritis again,” Mr.

Lu said.

Jiang Yao took the basket from Mr.

Lu and placed it in the kitchen.

Then she asked, “Mom has arthritis in her knee”

Jiang Yao did not know about that.

She had not spent much time at home in the past lifetime.

In addition, her elders would not tell her if they were in any pain, so Jiang Yao did not know.

“Yeah, its a recurring old problem.”


Lu nodded and said, “She fell when she was more than a year old.

She had an injury to her knee.

After she recovered, it did not affect her walking.

However, when she got older, her arthritis also came along.

Its usually fine, but her knee will feel uncomfortable when its the rainy season.

Once the weather improves, shell be fine.

Its not a big deal; dont worry.”

“How can it not be a big deal The longer that lasts, the more difficult it is to treat and the more torturous it is for her.

Its also very painful.” When Jiang Yao walked toward Mrs.

Lu, who was sitting on the sofa talking to the Cheng brothers, she said, “Mom, let me take a look at your leg.”

“Whats wrong with Aunties leg” Cheng Jinyan asked casually.


Lu waved her hand embarrassedly.

“Its just arthritis.

Its not a big problem.

Its not a big problem that makes you nervous.”

“Isnt arthritis a big problem” Jiang Yao muttered helplessly.

“You dont have to lose anything by letting me take a look at it.

Im a medical student.”


Lu approached her and tried to persuade her..

“Didnt Xingzhi say that Yaoyao has a Divine Doctor as a teacher Maybe Yaoyao learned a lot from her teacher and can cure it.”

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