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Chapter 1572: Bring Your Father Here

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Lu did not think it was very likely.

Arthritis was not easy to treat.

She had also seen many doctors, but they did not treat the root cause.

After a while, the illness recurred.

However, seeing that Jiang Yao was insistent about it, she rolled up her pants legs and showed her knees to Jiang Yao.

There was a very shallow scar on Mrs.

Lus knee.

It looked like it was from the fall.


Lu saw that Jiang Yao was groping her leg and knee seriously.

She pressed on it and asked her a lot of questions.

She looked like she was smiling.

“Sister, my father also has arthritis! His leg hurts when the weather is bad.

Can you cure it” Cheng Jinnian asked Jiang Yao expectantly.

Cheng Jinyan had wanted to ask the same question, but he hesitated for a few seconds.

Master Chengs arthritis was much more severe than Mrs.


After all, he had accumulated many wounds on his body since he was young, so most had become sequelae.

“I cant be sure without seeing him,” Jiang Yao answered.

Then, she put down Mrs.

Lus trouser legs and got up to speak to her.

“Mom, Ill go to the pharmacy in the afternoon to get some medicine for you.

After boiling them, apply some to your knees and soak your feet.

Your knees should be much more relaxed in the next few days.

Then, Ill try to help you with acupuncture and other medicine.

Its convenient for me to treat you at home during this period.


Lu nodded.


Your second uncle wanted us to go to his place for dinner tonight.

He bought some seafood.

He found a chef who knew how to cook that seafood and will be at his house to cook it tonight.”


Lus face was full of joy.

“When Xiao Nian woke up this morning, he bragged to me that you were very good at medicine.

I was half-convinced.

I didnt expect to see that you were really good at it! Its good to have a medical student at home.

If we have any minor ailments or pains, we dont even need to go to the hospital or clinic.

Its convenient and reassuring.”

After saying that, Mrs.

Lu turned to Cheng Jinyan and asked, “Isnt your father also suffering from arthritis Yaoyao said that she would need to see him to treat his illness.

Logically speaking, your father is an elder, so theres no reason for a junior like Yaoyao to ask him to come here.

However, Yaoyaos health hasnt been good recently, so she needs to rest at home.

If your father doesnt mind, he can make a trip here when he has time to get Yaoyao to take a look at him.”

“Thats great.” Cheng Jinyan did not expect that Mrs.

Lu would speak before Jiang Yao did.

He did not decline and readily agreed.

“Then Ill thank you in advance, Jiang Yao.”

“Ill go upstairs to get the medicine for Madam Cheng.” Jiang Yao left and went back upstairs.

When she arrived downstairs again, she carried a small wooden box and placed it in front of Cheng Jinyan.

“Ive marked the usage and dosage of each medicine on it.

Give it to your family doctor.

These medicines can help your mother recover faster.”

“Thank you, Sister.

Mom will be very happy after receiving it!” Cheng Jinyan was extremely excited.

He was eager to return to his house.

He was no longer so reluctant to leave his sisters house.

Cheng Jinyan and Cheng Jinnian left the Lu family after having their lunch.

Jiang Yao took a lunch break at home until three oclock.

Then she drove Moe, Mr.

Lu, and Mrs.

Lu to Second Uncle Lus magnificent house in town.

The three of them and the cat happily chatted and laughed in the car.

Their house was empty.

The three of them did not know that two figures sneaked into the Lu familys house not long after they left..

They sneaked into Jiang Yaos room.

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