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Chapter 1575: Keep The Land

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“You have a brick factory, Second Uncle.

You need to build it so that you can use your own bricks.

Of course, the price will still be based on the market rate.

You have to make that clear to your partner.

That way, your brick factory can improve its efficiency.

Furthermore, you can trust the quality of the things made by your own factory.

It is okay to get a partner, but you must take the majority of the shares.

Make sure you have the power to make the decision.

If you are worried that your funds wont last, dont hurry to build it.

Just hold the land in your hands.

Dont sell it, dont even touch it.

After two years, when you have enough money, you can start to build the project.”

Jiang Yaos suggestion was very pertinent.

Their towns development could not be compared to a big city like Nanjiang City, so the property markets growth would definitely be pushed back compared to a big city like Nanjiang City.

At that moment, there was not much profit in a building project in the town.

However, it would be very profitable in two years.

If Jiang Yao guessed correctly, Second Uncle Lus brick factory would gradually lose its profit in two years.

They would have more roads and highways during that time.

Foreign businessmen would come in, and bricks from other places would be much cheaper.

Even though some people might know that Second Uncle Lus factory had great quality bricks, they would always choose the more affordable option.

Therefore, it would have a certain impact on the brick factorys benefits.q

“Keep the land Wouldnt I waste two years on it” Second Uncle Lu looked at Jiang Yao with a dumbfounded expression.

Jiang Yao said, “I know it will look like two years have been wasted, but Second Uncle, based on the current situation in our country, isnt the economy growing at a rapid pace every year Isnt everyones life changing in just a few short years Now that the real estate market is making money, will it be even more profitable in two years For example, how much did you spend on buying that land”

“Its only a few thousand bucks.

At that time, the country was in shambles.

It was not as prosperous as it is now.

There are train stations, bus stations, and so on.” Second Uncle Lu understood what Jiang Yao was trying to say.

He slapped his thigh.

“The land had an old house nearby.

I heard that it was sold to someone more than a month ago.

That piece of land was sold for tens of thousands of bucks.

Its not even as big as mine!”

Jiang Yao smiled cheerfully.

It was as expected of a businessperson.

His mind was more flexible than the average persons.

At that time, it seemed that there were not many things in the world that could increase at a speed comparable to house prices.

No matter how fast the prices rose, they could not surpass housing prices.

Second Uncle Lu said, “Alright, then Im not in a hurry to build it.

Ill talk to my partner tomorrow.

Well talk about it after the inspection.

It seems like I was right to call you over for lobster today!”

“How are you cooperating with the other party”

Second Uncle Lu smiled.

“The original plan was for each person to take half of the shares.

He would give me half the money to buy the land.

After that, well follow the normal procedure.

But weve just been discussing it.

The contract hasnt been drawn up yet.”

Jiang Yao nodded and did not continue to ask Second Uncle Lu about his work..

She planned to remind him to find an opportunity to sell the brick factory after two years.

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