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Chapter 1597: Keep It As Evidence

Second Uncle Lu was so frightened that he hurriedly threw a small piece of lobster in his hand.

He shouted, “What Is the lobster poisonous We just ate it yesterday, and it was still fine.

Is it because of its gender Maybe the male is poisonous, and the female is not poisonous”

Jiang Yao was also startled.

She quickly walked toward the kitchen and said, “The lobster is not poisonous.

Furthermore, didnt the guests at that table eat something else too Perhaps they got food poisoning from something else.

Since the police have already taken the food to be tested, they should have the results very soon.”

Jiang Yao took the phone from Mrs.

Lu and spoke to Second Uncle Lus driver in a steady voice, “Contact the police.

Once the test result is out, immediately inform us.

We dont need to go to the hospital for the time being.

You dont have to be nervous.

Perhaps those guests ate something else and got food poisoning.”

The driver sighed in relief when he heard that.

“I think so too.

Yesterday, Boss ate such a big lobster, and he was fine.

The owner of the restaurant probably wanted to shirk responsibility.

As soon as something happened, he insisted that I was the one who sold him the lobster.

He said that his restaurant had never encountered such a thing in so many years.

Today, I sold him the lobster, and something happened, so he said that the lobster was poisonous.”

“Dont pay attention to him until the results are out.

If the police come looking for you, you can say whatever you want.

Remember, you dont have to panic.

First of all, that lobster was given to you by your boss.

Second of all, that lobster was given to him by another person.

Even if there is something wrong with the lobster, it is not your fault.

If the police ask you something, but you hide the information, then they will only suspect you even more.

We are not guilty.

We just need to know what to say.”

After hearing Jiang Yaos words, the driver regained his composure.

“I understand.

But just in case, lets ask Boss not to eat the lobster first.

Well talk about it after the results are out.

Its better to be safe than sorry.”

There was no need for the driver to tell Jiang Yao that.

After hanging up the phone, Jiang Yao saw Second Uncle Lu was already washing his hands and preparing to throw the lobster away.

She quickly stopped him.

“Second Uncle, dont throw it.

If that lobster is poisonous, you have to keep it as evidence.

Wouldnt it be wasteful to throw it away if its not poisonous Let me take a look.” Jiang Yao walked toward him.

Moe followed Jiang Yao into the kitchen and jumped onto the cooking table.

Jiang Yao used the wooden chopsticks to open the lobsters pincers to take a look.

Moe took a sniff at the lobsters belly.

Before Jiang Yao noticed anything, Moe suddenly stepped back and pulled Jiang Yaos finger to point at the place where he had sniffed.

“There seems to be a smell that doesnt belong to the lobster.

The scent isnt strong, and I cant even smell it if Im not so close.

The lobsters smell almost covers it.”

Jiang Yao frowned and tapped the chopsticks on the pincers.

She called out to Second Uncle Lu and Mr.

Lu and said, “Dad, Second Uncle, dont you think this looks like a needle mark”

Then, Jiang Yao took a shell from the side and searched through it.

Sure enough, she found two tiny needle holes in it.

“What do you mean”


Lu walked in quickly.

“Someone is trying to harm your uncle”

“There might really be something wrong with the lobster.

Those needle marks shouldnt appear on the lobsters shell.” Jiang Yao took Moe off the cooking table and said, “Its a pity that I dont have any equipment on hand right now.

Otherwise, I could dissect it and see whats wrong with the lobster..”

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