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Lu Xingzhis approach toward that group of doctors had always been gentle because they understood reason.

He chuckled.

Shao Fuchengs methods were not tough enough.

If it were him, no matter if they were twenty, seven, or eight years old, since they had participated in that exercise, no one would say no to him.

After a long day, the mountains temperature gradually began to drop at dusk.

Jiang Yao and the other six people finally understood the meaning of free food during the entire day.

There was a mountain stream near the command center.

They drank water from the stream and even fetched some water for the bottles they carried on their backs.

They ate their meals and the dry rations in their backpacks that they had been given in the morning.

Jiang Yao sat in the thatched hut, listening to Shao Fuchengs battle preparations.

She did not join in the fun because she did not comprehend a lot of technical jargon and codes.

“How long do you suppose we will be in this godforsaken place, Miss Jiang” Li Hong covered her stomach with a conflicted expression.

“Even if were in the tent during the day, its still too hot.

The sun is just shining on the top of the tent.

The temperature inside is so hot that it looks like we can grill skewers.”

Jing Mengjie, who was already in a bad mood, burst into tears when Li Hong asked the question.

“Miss Jiang, how are we going to use the restroom I have been keeping it bottled up all day.

It is quite uncomfortable.”

The hot and stuffy weather made it easy for everyone to feel uncomfortable.

Even though they did not have to do any work in the tent, for Jing Mengjie, who grew up in the city and had a good family background, the lack of a toilet could make her cry for a while.

“Find an empty spot and settle it there.” Jiang Yao frowned.

“Didnt I tell you guys last night”

Therefore, she tried to drink as little water as possible throughout the day.

When she was thirsty, she only took a small sip.

Jiang Yao saw that Li Hong and Jing Mengjie were suffocating, so she stood up and pulled Li Hong up.

“Follow me.”

“Ill go with you guys.” Wang Meiyu immediately stood up as well.

She had been holding it in for a whole day, but she was not as delicate as Jing Mengjie and Li Hong, who would cry over that matter.

However, since Jiang Yao would accompany them, she decided to go with them.

Then, she and Li Hong pulled Jing Mengjie up.

When the four girls walked out of the tent, they bumped into Shao Fucheng.

The man asked, “Where are you going”

Wang Meiyu and the other two girls gazed at Jiang Yao subconsciously.

They were ashamed to tell an unfamiliar man that they needed to use the toilet, especially because there was no restroom nearby.

Jiang Yao raised her hand to touch the tip of her nose and replied, “Im going to the toilet.”

Shao Fucheng nodded.

His expression did not change.

He said, “Dont go too far.” Then, he walked away.

It was difficult for the young women to talk about it, but it was a common occurrence for those soldiers who had been training in the wild all year round.

Jiang Yao led the three of them to a dense bush about 100 meters away from the command center.

After scanning the surroundings and ensuring that there was no one around, she said to Wang Meiyu and the others, “Right here.”

Then, she was the first to take off her pants and crouch on the ground.

She knew that if she did not take the lead, the three young women would not take the initiative to go first.

Although Jiang Yao appeared calm, as if she did that all the time, she constantly monitored the surroundings after taking off her pants..

She was terrified that someone would materialize out of nowhere and scare her to death.

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