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Chapter 1719: Come With Me

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After that, Xiao Gao saw Liu Chao turn around to look at him, so he looked straight back and said, “Youre most likely a fake too! What about that Miss Jiang Is she real or fake ”

“The woman is definitely real,” the female soldier said from the side.

“Up until now, only our special forces have female soldiers in the entire military base in Province A.

The rest are all civilians or from cultural groups.”

Jiang Yao thought Lu Xingzhi might not return that night after he received the news.

He might go and look for the Red Teams doctor.

However, he and a group of soldiers arrived just as the others were eating.

Jiang Yao sat in the crowd.

She noticed that Lu Xingzhi and the rest of the soldiers were dressed the same.

He was at the back of the group, and she could see the bulges in his pockets.

“Rest for one night.

Well act according to the plan tomorrow!” Xingzhi turned around and spoke to his men.

Then, he swept his gaze across the crowd in front of him.

His gaze fell on Jiang Yao, who was sitting in the middle of the group.

His gaze softened when he saw her.

He walked toward her.

“Come with me.” Lu Xingzhi felt his heart ache when he saw the dried rations in Jiang Yaos hands.

He was afraid that the food there would cause her some discomfort.

“Miss Jiang, Colonel Lu is calling for you.” The beaten-up soldier nudged Jiang Yao and said, “He knows that Im fake.

He will ask you about something else.

You cant say a single word.”

“I dont know anything about Colonel Shaos arrangements anyway.” Jiang Yao took the bottle in her hand.

She wondered if Lu Xingzhi would wait for her if she did not go over there.

There was nothing she could do.

She had no choice but to compromise and carry the bottle.

She stood up and walked toward Lu Xingzhi.

Lu Xingzhi held Jiang Yaos hand as they walked in the opposite direction along the stream.

They walked for about a hundred meters before stopping.

He took Jiang Yaos kettle, opened it, and gulped it down without saying anything.

“Dont you have a water bottle” Jiang Yao reached out to check the water bottle on Lu Xingzhis back and shook it.

She knew that the place where he stayed in the mountains that afternoon had no water.

He must have been thirsty in such hot weather.

Jiang Yao wiped his sweat with her sleeve.

When she did that, Lu Xingzhi stopped.

His eyes fell on her face.

A few seconds later, he put the bottle down and leaned forward as if to make it easier for her to wipe.

He tightened the bottles lid.

After she was done, he carried her bottle.

In the next second, he lowered his head and kissed her lips.

He had been thinking about her while working in the mountains that day.

If he did not have something important to do that day, he would have returned to the command post earlier to look at her.

Lu Xingzhis kiss came too suddenly, and Jiang Yao was shocked.

His kiss carried the sweetness and coolness of the mountain spring in the bottle, which Jiang Yao had just filled before her meal..

It was still cold.

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