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Chapter 1810: When Was That

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“When was that” Lu Xingzhi had no impression at all.

Jiang Yao noticed that Lu Xingzhi did not remember, so she did not want to continue asking him.

If he did not remember anything, it meant that he did not care about Ye Xueli at all.

However, as a woman, Jiang Yaos intuition was very accurate.

Ye Xueli was not friendly with her.

Otherwise, she would not have stood at the door, glanced at her, and then left.

Jiang Yao thought that Lu Xingzhi would have more free time before he returned to the closed-door training and had enough time to accompany her, but in reality, it was not the case.

Lu Xingzhi was not in training, but he would leave the army base too.

Sometimes, he would leave for the entire day, but he would cook breakfast and eat with Jiang Yao before leaving.

He would get someone to get a meal for Jiang Yao from the canteen at noon.

Regardless of whether he would return home at noon, he would rush back to make dinner for Jiang Yao every day.

Even though Jiang Yaos news was limited while in the army base, she had a cell phone.

Wang Meiyu would call her sometimes, and of course, the most common source of information for Jiang Yao was still Ouyang Chenrui.

Ouyang Chenrui had relocated his company to the city.

Although he had not seen Jiang Yao for a long time, he still sent text messages to Jiang Yao from time to time.

The text messages he sent to Jiang Yao were mostly like that.

[Something happened to the Zhu family in Ping City today.

Zhu Shiyi was found to have condoned others taking drugs and bought a villa in Ping City.

He used that villa to entertain his friends.

He was caught on the spot by the police, who raided the house.

He took drugs, and he also broke a lot of laws.

Zhu Shiyi was arrested.

[The news of Master Zhus involvement in the kidnapping case has spread in Ping City.

All the companies that cooperated with the Zhu family had left them in the dust.

Some people even offered huge amounts of compensation to the Zhu family.]

[Zhu Shiyi announced that he had broken off relations with the Zhu family and did not have any dealings with them.

He had his own company, which was separate from the Zhu family.

However, it was not long before his company was found to have evaded taxes.]

Jiang Yao collected information like that for many days in a row.

She also understood what Lu Xingzhi had been busy with those few days.

Later, Ouyang Chenrui gave her less information, but Lu Xingzhi became busier.

After Chen Xuyao, Chu Sheng, and the others returned to Jindo City, Lu Xingzhi went to Ping City.

The next day, he rushed back to the army base after a nights travel.

After about a week, he truly had some free time.

Lu Xingzhi did not say anything, so Jiang Yao did not ask him what he had been doing for the past few days.

In short, she only needed to know that he was angry because she was threatened.

It was enough as long as she knew he did that for her.

That was also why Lu Xingzhi finally had some free time.

However, the next day, he received a notice and returned to the training ground.

“After the closed-door training is over, Ill bring you somewhere nice.”

Lu Xingzhi left with a small bag.

When Jiang Yao sent him off, the two of them held hands the whole time.

“Then be careful in your training.” Jiang Yao tip-toed and kissed the corner of Lu Xingzhis lips.

“Sister asked me to visit Nanjiang City in the next few days, so Ill go there tomorrow.

Ill come back when school starts.”

Jiang Yao was not familiar with the people in that army base.

She might not get along with most of them anyway, so she decided to return to Nanjiang City for the time being…

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