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Chapter 185: An Overnight Downfall

When Qi Xiang heard how Chen Xuyao addressed Lu Xingzhi and Jiang Yao, his legs turned to jelly.

Xingzhi, Jiang Yao Did that mean… Jiang Yao was Lu Xingzhis wife!

Qi Xiang almost wanted to strangle himself to death.

Among the Young Masters of Jin Town, the last person you would want to offend would be Liang Yueze or Lu Xingzhi.

Both of them were well-known to be ruthless, bad-tempered, and protective of their loved ones, and yet, he had initially been planning to put his hands on Young Master Lus wife!

“Young Master Lu, it was all my fault the other day, I…” Qi Xiang quickly tried to explain himself.

However, before he could apologize, it was cut off by Lu Xingzhis icy glare.

Lu Xingzhi locked the door of the room.

He squinted at the three members of the Qi family who were blocking his and Jiang Yaos way without saying a word.

With just a glance, the three of them quickly cleared the path.

“I thought you said you were hungry.

Lets eat,” Lu Xingzhi said to Chen Xuyao who was standing beside him impatiently.

Without waiting for Chen Xuyao, he walked away while holding Jiang Yaos hand.

Chen Xuyao glanced at the Qis and quickly scurried toward Lu Xingzhi without saying a word.

He did not ask Lu Xingzhi about how he was going to handle the Qis, but instead, asked about what they were going to eat for lunch.

Chen Xuyao was all too aware of Lu Xingzhis temper.

If he mentioned the Qi family, he would only add fuel to the fire.

Since he did not bother about the Qis, they should endure it themselves.

They should stand there waiting until Lu Xingzhi and the others came back to the hotel.

The restaurant they were going to for lunch was picked by Lu Xingzhi.

Before sending Jiang Yao to university, Lu Xingzhi had done some research on the specialties of Nanjiang City, therefore, he found a peaceful restaurant with a relaxed ambiance easily.

When they were ordering the dishes, Chen Xuyao saw Jiang Yao ordering two of Lu Xingzhis favorite dishes while Lu Xingzhi ordered two bland dishes which were obviously Jiang Yaos favorite.

Although both of them did not have any interaction, they had a mutual understanding and always thought of each other first.

Chen Xuyao quietly took out his phone and sent a message to Zhou Weiqi.

He thought that he must have been crazy to follow them for lunch.

They were too scary at showing their affection.

Since Director Ye could hold his position, he was a tactful person.

He did not let Lu Xingzhi wait for too long.

During their lunchtime, Lu Xingzhi received a call from Director Ye.

Although Jiang Yao was sitting beside Lu Xingzhi, she could not hear a word from the other side of the phone.

As for Lu Xingzhi, he would not say more than a few sentences to others except when he was talking to his close ones.

He was on the phone for almost five minutes, however, he only said one sentence before he ended the call.

“Ill be there one hour later.”

“How are they going to handle the Zhang family” Chen Xuyao was certain that they were talking about the Zhang familys matter.

“Zhang Xiyuan was charged with murder, Zhang Xinan was accused of rape by five victims, and everyone in the Zhang family was investigated under the offense of threats and bribery.” Lu Xingzhi paused and raised his eyebrow.

“Whats interesting is, within two hours in the morning, all the companies that collaborated with the Zhang family declared their termination of cooperation unilaterally, the bank ended the fundings to the Zhang family, and not a single lawyer in the whole Nanjiang City was willing to handle the Zhang familys case.”

“The foundation of the Zhang family in Nanjiang City is not strong enough and the Zhang familys company had just started its operation not long ago.

The Zhangs have always been insolent.

It seems like they have offended quite a number of people so none of the lawyers were willing to accept their case.

Haha, it seems like they will remain behind bars for a long time.” Chen Xuyao was getting happier and happier as his smile grew wider.

“When the Zhang family is facing these situations, there will certainly be people adding insult to injury.

Nevertheless, the Zhang family has done a lot of filthy things so its not surprising if people were to dig it all out at once.”

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