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“He can be annoying sometimes.

But other times, he can be quite a joy.

Oh, dont be upset.

Hes still your brother.

Besides, Ive given you my brother.

And you still have two brothers.

Wont you share”

Even though Jiang Lei had only been away for more than half a year, he earned quite a lot of money.

Although there were several film studios of different sizes, they were relatively poor.

The government did not give them much aid for their development.

If Jiang Lei could fund some of those studios, it would bring Lu Xiaoxiao a lot of convenience and connections.

Lu Xingzhi wanted Lu Xiaoxiao to start from the bottom so that she would eventually grow up.

If she could not do that, then she could head back home.

However, Lu Xiaoxiao grew up much faster than Lu Xingzhi had anticipated.

So he did not expect her to follow his arrangement any longer.

Furthermore, Lu Xingzhi did not expect Lu Xiaoxiao to lose her contract because of Zhou Hailand.

She was all alone.

“Give me your phone.

Ill talk to Xiaoxiao.” Lu Xingzhi reached out to Jiang Yao and asked for the phone.

Then, he spoke into the phone.

“Since you dont have any contract now, dont look for a new one.

It doesnt matter if you are working for a company or not.

If you work alone, you dont need to give the company any commission.

When your position is more stable, you can earn more in the future.

Lu Xingzhi paused, then said, “Your sister-in-law told your father to close some of his small businesses in the country, so he should have some cash in hand right now.

Ill tell him to register for a new company in Jindo City, so you can work for that company.

Lets see who dares to fire you then.

Youll need to look for some new talents as well and sign them to our company.”

“Brother Xingzhi, I feel so excited now after hearing what you said!”

Lu Xiaoxiao said, “I thought I could do whatever I wanted because Im new in the industry.

I didnt expect you to get my father to build a company for me in Jindo City.”

Then, Jiang Yao said, “Tell Sister Yuqing to push back the jewelry companys launch as much as possible.

Well let Second Uncle establish the new company first and poach some big shots for him.

The jewelry company can make use of those connections then.

“Second Uncles company will have a slight shortage of funds at the start, so hell need more to staff his company.

If they are not convinced, we can tell them about the companys connection to our jewelry company.

Oh, right! We can also mention the cooperation with Changkang Group..”


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