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Lu Xiaoxiao was about to hang up when she suddenly said, “Brother, Sister-in-law, you guys havent hung up yet, right Let me tell you something else.

I met Director Huang you! Hes very handsome! I agree! That Huang Chenchen is very cute! ”

Lu Xiaoxiao did not tell Lu Yuqing that she was in Nanjiang City.

When she arrived at the airport, she immediately took a cab and went to the address that Jiang Yao provided.

She happened to see Lu Yuqing downstairs, and Lu Yuqing was shocked.

Lu Yuqing was very busy and did not have time to give her a proper welcome.

Lu Xiaoxiao told Lu Yuqing about what had happened, but Lu Yuqing had meetings in the conference room.

She asked her secretary to take care of Lu Xiaoxiao.

Lu Xiaoxiao did not walk around the company.

She was not there for a visit.

Instead, she stood near the conference room and looked around to see if she could spot Director Huang, whom Jiang Yao had mentioned.

However, after looking around, Lu Xiaoxiao did not see a man who was worthy of Lu Yuqing, so she asked the secretary if Director Huang was in the company.

The secretary pointed to two seats to Lu Yuqings right in the meeting room.

It was a bald, middle-aged man in his forties.

Lu Xiaoxiao almost fainted when she saw him.

She thought that Jiang Yao was blind.

Coincidentally, when Lu Xiaoxiao returned to Lu Yuqings office with a face full

of despair, she met a handsome man in a suit holding the hand of a girl in a pink dress.

He walked into Lu Yuqings office very casually.

That girl was Huang Chenchen.

The little girl liked pretty ladies, so when she saw Lu Xiaoxiao, she addressed her as a beautiful lady.

Huang Chengjings eyes were sharp as well.

He recognized Lu Xiaoxiao at a glance.

He had seen photos of the Lu family in Lu Yuqings bedroom.

There were many photos of Lu Yuqing with her younger brother and sister.

Furthermore, they were taken only less than two years ago.

Lu Xiaoxiao remembered that she had not thought of the handsome gentleman who had come in the same way as Lu Yuqing.

She had seen him with his child.

He spoke to Lu Yuqings secretary as if he was familiar with the woman.


Xiaoxiao asked, “Who is that gentleman”

So, Huang Chengjing introduced himself to Lu Xiaoxiao.

He told her his name,

age, and job.

He also told her about his family, his late wife, and daughter.

In the end, he said, “I am Yuqings suitor.”

Only then did Lu Xiaoxiao realize that she had misunderstood.

She had mistaken Lu Yuqings subordinate for Director Huang.

Lu Xiaoxiao would always favor handsome men..


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