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Chapter 1988: Wont Drag On For Too Long

Huang Chengjing was not only attractive and elegant, but he also had a beautiful daughter who spoke so sweetly.

The father and daughter had managed to steal Lu Xiaoxiaos heart.

Therefore, Lu Xiaoxiao was satisfied with Huang Chengjing.

Lu Xingzhis expression darkened when he heard Lu Xiaoxiaos last sentence before the phone beeped.

“Are all women so easily coaxed by men”

“Do they”

Jiang Yao refused to admit it.

In any case, she liked Huang Chengjing and his daughter very much.

Furthermore, she was happy to see Lu Yuqing with them.

Jiang Yao felt that it was not that Lu Yuqing could not walk out of the pain Zhao Zhuangzong had inflicted on her but that she feared marriage.

“Thats true.

Not all women are so easy to coax.” Lu Xingzhi nodded as if it were a matter of fact.

“Not my wife, at least.”

Jiang Yao glared at Lu Xingzhi as she pinched him.

He pressed against Jiang Yao to prevent her from moving.

Then, he used Jiang Yaos phone to call his uncle, who was in his hometown.

Lu Xingzhi talked to Second Uncle Lu about opening a company in Jindo City.

Even though the older man had been doing business for many years, he had only done so in their hometown.

He was worried about opening a company so far away.

He would lose a lot of money he had set aside for his daughters marriage if he failed.

Second Uncle Lu did not make a decision right away.

Instead, he said he would go to Jindo City to look into that industry.

Lu Xingzhi was not in a hurry.

He nodded and asked the older man to settle the matters in their hometown first.

Then, he gave Liang Yueze a call.

He wanted to speak to Liang Yueze to talk about Zhou Hailan.

However, it seemed like everyone was busy those few days.

Liang Yueze did not even have time to sleep.

Liang Yueze said, “I had someone look into it that day.

Later, I will ask if they have found anything.

If they havent, lets take action in two days according to the plan.

First, we have to get some photos that look real enough.

Then, we have to call major news agencies and get them to publish those photos as soon as possible.

We have to fan the flames.

That kind of thing wont drag on for too long.”

That was how the industry worked.

“How many days will you stay in Jindo City” Liang Yueze had been abroad.

He only rushed back to deal with his companys urgent matters, so Lu Xingzhi had asked him when he would leave Jindo City.

“Ill go back tomorrow afternoon.

The baby is still young.

Its also Ruorans first time being a mother.

She has no experience.

Im afraid she will be too tired.”

Liang Yueze thought he wanted to bring Luo Ruoran and their son home when the baby was a few months old.

However, it was impossible.

Luo Ruoran was the only heir of the Luo family.

Without the help of her brothers and sisters, her work was no less than his.

She even needed to review important documents in the hospital.


Luo had been overseeing their company recently to prevent it from falling into chaos before Luo Ruoran took over the reign again.

“The last time I saw your wife, I didnt have the time to thank her properly.

When Im free, Ill make up for it.” Liang Yueze remembered Jiang Yaos kindness.

If Jiang Yao had not appeared and acted promptly, it was hard to say what would have happened to Luo Ruoran and the baby..

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