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He hugged her so tightly that Jiang Yao felt a little breathless.

However, seeing his solemn expression, Jiang Yao could not bear to push him away.

“That hurts my heart,” Lu Xingzhi said softly.

You only like how I look.”

Jiang Yao said thoughtfully, “I like you as a person, but you get extra points for your good looks.

Sometimes, I cant even get angry with you because of how you look.

If I lose my temper, just smile at me, and I wont be mad at you.

But if your face is disfigured, I may only get angrier when I see your ugly face.”

That sounded reasonable.

Lu Xingzhi knocked on Jiang Yaos head.

He was angry and amused at the same time.

However, Jiang Yao only laughed at Lu Xingzhis unhappiness.

After all, she was pregnant.

Usually, Jiang Yao would have gone to bed by that time.

So when she got home, Jiang Yao went back to bed without even eating supper.

Lu Xingzhi sat on the bed and gently stroked Jiang Yaos hair.

She had to endure those rumors while she was pregnant.

She must have been furious when Ye Xueli insulted her baby.

However, Ye Xueli was Colonel Yes daughter and their neighbor.

Furthermore, he had just joined the army base not long ago, so she did not want to make things difficult for him.

She did not want him to be too impulsive, so she hid her anger.

Sometimes, her sensibility made him feel guilty.


After Ye Xueli returned home, she was anxious the whole night.

She finally fell asleep, but a nightmare still woke her up in the middle of the night.

She was unsure if she was terrified of being punished by the army, of people pointing fingers at her, or of Jiang Yao appearing out of nowhere and hypnotizing her into going insane.

She did not even eat breakfast in the morning before boarding the first bus out of the army base and returning to school.

Ye Xueli thought the school would be where she could feel at ease because they had strict discipline.

It was not like Jiang Yao could go there whenever she wanted to.

However, she did not expect to be stopped by the schools security guard when she arrived.

The security guard handed her a letter, and she opened it to take a look.

It was a dismissal letter from the school.

That dismissal letter was like a bolt of lightning that struck Ye Xueli.

The guard said, “Miss Ye, what did you do to cause the school to dismiss you Early in the morning, the office posted a notice on the school bulletin board stating that you had been dismissed because you were morally unfit to teach children.

The dean gave me the letter early in the morning.

They told me to give you this letter and bar you from entering the school.

They have packed your belongmgs in this box..”


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