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Although he had been able to keep his child, a rivalry had grown between Colonel Lu and the Ye family.

That was because of Ye Xueli and Colonel Yes youngest son.

Many unkind people were laughing at how Colonel Ye had raised two troublemakers.

Unsurprisingly, Shao Fucheng was the first person Lu Xingzhi saw after his return.

The fivo met outside the chiefs office.

Shao Fucheng was also looking for the chief.

“Hows Doctor Jiang I heard that your baby is fine too, right” Shao Fucheng was sincere with his concerns.

He had a good impression of Dr.


When he heard about Doctor Jiangs accident, he was worried about her.

“Yes, they are fine now,” Lu Xingzhi replied expressionlessly.

Then, he stepped into the chiefs office before Shao Fucheng.

Zhou Junmin was inside the room.

When he saw Lu Xingzhi, he immediately said, “Colonel.

“Youre back Hows your wife Hows she feeling” The chief waved at Lu Xingzhi.

“My parents and in-laws are with her at the hospital.

The baby is fine, but she was in shock, so she couldnt sleep well,” Lu Xingzhi spoke very clearly.

He told the chief that Jiang Yao was scared out of her wits even though she and the baby were fine.

She was so scared that she could not sleep well at night.

He hinted to the chief that the matter would not end well.

The chief acknowledged that.

He understood the meaning behind Lu Xingzhis words.

He did not even want to speak up for Colonel Ye.

Lu Xingzhi would not let the matter go that easily; the people in Jindo City would not agree either.


Colonel Ye could no longer remain in the army base.

He did not know if he would be transferred to another base or forced to resign.

That would depend on Lu Xingzhi and the Liang familys intentions.

“These are the test results for the three pregnant women sent to the hospital.

My wife said that the same abortion drugs caused their illnesses.

Lu Xingzhi handed the list to the chief and said, “These are not accidents.

I think they were premeditated and targeted.

I suspect that someone deliberately targeted pregnant women in the army.

However, I dont know how they did it.”

“I agree with Colonel Lu.”

Shao Fucheng stood behind Lu Xingzhi and said, “I also think that those incidents were premeditated and targeted at pregnant women.”

Lu Xingzhi said, “Please get someone to investigate this.

I have to take care of my wife, so I cant do it.” He glanced at Shao Fucheng and said, “I think Colonel Shao will be great for this.”

“Colonel Shao, youll be in charge of this then.

You have full authority over the arrangements and staffing.”

The chief immediately handed the matter to Shao Fucheng..


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