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Chapter 2131: Murder Case

“Yes, yes, yes.

Are you happy now” Jiang Yao did not feel bitter.

Of course, if Lu Xingzhi were not so noisy and naggy, her happiness index would rise by a degree.

“Oh, right! Is there anything else you want I will go inside to eat if there is not anything else.

“Yes!”Read only on Listn0vel.c0m for faster updates

After giving a prompt response, Lu Xiaoxiao asked, “You havent eaten yet Then, go eat.

Ill tell you after we finish eating.”

Then, she whispered, “Im afraid that you wont be able to eat after listening to me.”

Lu Xiaoxiao hung up the phone after that.

Jiang Yao looked at her phone in confusion and put it away.

Then, she shrugged at Lu Xingzhi, “Shes laughing.

I dont know why shes looking for me.

She said she was afraid I wouldnt be able to eat if she told me.

She probably did something that made Second Uncle angry and wanted us to lobby for her.”

“Ignore her.”

Lu Xingzhi brought Jiang Yao into the bathroom to wash her hands.

Inside, Mr.

Jiang and Mrs.

Jiang saw that the two of them had returned.

One set the dishes while the other went to the kitchen to serve the dishes.

The beans on the table were grown in the yard.

Jiangs parents had cleaned up the vegetables grown in the yard in the past few days.

They were in high spirits.

The two of them were still trying to figure out what kind of seeds to buy and how to grow other vegetables.

Jiang Yaos mother cooked smaller portions because they had fewer people in the house.

She gave Jiang Yao a bowl of soup.

“The pickled cabbage is from our hometown.

You used to adore eating that.

Jiang Yao inhaled and grinned as he turned to face Mrs.


“Thank you, Mom! It smells nice.”

“You must have a sweet tooth today.

I think the durian must be very sweet.” Mrs.

Jiang coaxed Jiang Yao with a sentence, which made her smile happily.

“If it smells good, you should eat more.”

Jiang Yao consumed half a bowl of dry rice in the afternoon.

Even though she had less appetite, she did not experience discomfort after eating.

Jiang Yaos mother went to wash the dishes after lunch.

To prevent Jiang Yao from feeling sluggish and wanting to lie on the bed after lunch, Jiang Yaos father invited Jiang Yao to join him on the sofa and engage in conversation.

“Your mother knew you didnt experience any morning sickness before this.

You were able to eat and sleep.

She even guessed that you were pregnant with a little granddaughter at that time.

She even praised that the child would be a good girl.” Although he was aware that Jiang Yaos in-laws did not prefer sons to daughters, the fact that Jiang Yaos first child was a son made him feel more at ease.

It was a mentality that many people shared nationwide.

For the family line to continue, every family needed a son.

Since Jiang Yaos first child was a boy, he reasoned that if Jiang Yao had another child in the future, he would not experience any psychological burden.

“I did not expect my baby to be a brat who was as bad as his father.” Jiang Yao smiled as she continued Mr.

Jiangs words.

“Arent you used to it” Mrs.

Jiang teased Jiang Yao in the kitchen.

“Bad like his father, good like me.”

Jiang Yao giggled.

When she saw a new text message notification on her phone, she casually picked it up and opened it.

The text message was from Lu Xiaoxiao.

Jiang Yao was still guessing if she had done something terrible and did not dare to tell her, so she sent her a text message.

However, she was instantly stunned when Jiang Yao finished reading the text message.

[A friend in Yuan City told me this news this morning.

A family had been killed in Yuan City, and it was your college roommate, Zhou Xiaoxias family.

I wanted to tell you, but you havent eaten yet.

I can only send you a text message.].

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