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Chapter 2169: The Map

As long as Lu Xingzhi was still alive, she could locate Lu Xingzhis approximate location!

Moe had given her such a useful item, yet she did not know how to use it.

She had operated on Lu Xingzhi, so the medical system could locate Lu Xingzhis location!

“Moe, I think Ill buy you the game console you want when Lu Xingzhi comes back!” Jiang Yao happily hugged Moe and kissed him.

“Ive never loved you like that before!”

Moe was dumbfounded by Jiang Yaos kiss.


Jiang and Mrs.

Jiang were also frightened by Jiang Yaos words and actions.

Jiang Yao lowered her head and quickly finished the porridge in her bowl.

She quickly put down her bowl and spoon.

“Dad, Mom, Ill go to the bedroom for a while.

You guys should continue to eat!”

After saying that, Jiang Yao jogged all the way back to the bedroom.

To prevent her parents in the living room from suspecting her, she did not lock the door behind her.

Jiang Yao entered the medical system and immediately called out to the System Admin.

“Give me Lu Xingzhis location.”Support our Bonnovel.c0m

After Jiang Yao got the coordinates, she exited the medical system.

She quickly left the bedroom and ran toward the study, frantically looking for the map.


Jiang hurriedly followed her into the study.

Seeing Jiang Yao rummaging through the cabinets, he asked, “What are you looking for” Tell me, and I will help you look for it.

“A map! A map of the country,” Jiang Yao said.

“I remember that Xingzhis study room has a huge detailed map of the country.”

“There it is! I saw him place it on the top of the bookshelf the other day.

It was the highest place.” Mr.

Jiang was only about 1.7 meters tall.

That was considered a relatively normal height among southern boys.


Jiang went to fetch a chair before taking the map for Jiang Yao.

“Thank you, Dad.

Be careful.” Jiang Yao carefully supported Mr.


After her fathers feet were on the ground, she laid the map flat on the desk and began to look for it according to the coordinates.

Finally, her fingertips stopped at a point.

That point was a small town.

That town no longer belonged to Lanning City but was connected to Lanning City.

It was the only way to go to the neighboring city.

The coordinates could only provide a rough location; they could not provide a more precise location.

However, Jiang Yao believed that it should suffice.

The Liang and Cheng families should be able to find the location where Lu Xingzhi was imprisoned using that information.

“What are you looking at” Mr.

Jiang saw that Jiang Yao was almost burying her face on the map.

He was afraid that Jiang Yao would act recklessly.

The map was too big and covered the table, so she would not be able to see the corner of the table and might bump into it, so he put his hands on the corner of the table.

She noticed her fathers action, and her heart warmed.

She raised her head and smiled at her father.

“Dad, Im fine.

I know my limit.”

Jiang Yao took a step forward and hugged Mr.


“Im sorry for worrying Mom and you.”

“Of course.” Mr.

Jiangs heart softened after his daughter hugged him.

That was why it was always better to have a daughter than a son.

His daughter would act coquettishly.

Even a hug would make an old father like him feel warm in the heart.

She did not tell him with certainty because she feared that her father would not understand.


Jiang helped her tidy the map in the study and put it back where it belonged.

She returned to the bedroom and picked up her phone to call Liang Yueze.

When Liang Yueze received the call from Jiang Yao, he assumed that Jiang Yao could no longer wait.

He was about to ask Jiang Yao to be patient, but Jiang Yaos excited voice cut him off before he could say anything..

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