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Chapter 2231: Cursing

“Youve been calling me nonstop since two hours ago.

One moment, youre asking me where the spare razor blade is.

The next moment, youre asking me where your dark gray tie is.

The next moment, youre asking me what clothes to wear with that shirt so there wont be any mistakes.

Ive tolerated all of that.

Now, you dare to ask me where your underwear is.

Liang Yuekai, why dont you ask me where your brain is”

“What Why cant I scold you Ah Why do you think I have become so bad-tempered My temper has always been like that.

Ive tolerated you for a long time.

Now that I cant tolerate it anymore, Im not allowed to lose my temper” The woman lowered her voice and finally roared, “Liang Yuekai, Im going to block you.

Dont! Call! Me! Youre too annoying!”

The woman quickly hung up the phone.

Then, Jiang Yao saw that she was gritting her teeth and looking flustered as she pressed down on the phone with both hands.

It was most likely because she was blocking the person she described as extremely annoying.

Jiang Yao was taken aback.

The other woman appeared to have noticed it as well.

Without warning, she raised her head and met Jiang Yaos gaze.

“Sister-in-law…” Jiang Yao took the lead in waving at the woman on the opposite side.

She was Liang Yuezes sister-in-law.

She and Lu Xingzhi address Liang Yueze as Big Brother, so they naturally addressed Liang Yuezes sister-in-law as Sister-in-law.

“Liang Yuekai and I are divorced.

You dont have to call me that.” Qin Qin moved toward Jiang Yaos table.

“Im older than you, so you can call me Sister Qin next time.”

Qin Qin greeted Jiang Yaos parents.

“Uncle, Aunty, Im Qin Qin.

Im teaching at

L University for a short time.

Im Liang Yuekais ex-wife, and Liang Yuekai is Liang Yuezes elder brother.”

Jiang Yaos parents were stunned for a moment before they nodded and started to chat with Qin Qin.

“Sister Qin, you will teach at the L University” Jiang Yao felt that she had misheard things.

“Youre divorced” Did Liang Yueze not just say that Liang Yuekai and his wife were negotiating a divorce that morning

‘Yes, the formalities were done at noon.

After that, I took a plane to the city.

I received an invitation a while ago, so I immediately packed my luggage and came here.” Qin Qin smiled.

“How is Lu Xingzhi Ill go to the hospital to see him tomorrow if Im free.”

“Hes fine.” Jiang Yao felt that Liang Yuekai and Liang Yuezes divorce was too fast.

“Do you also live in the dorm Which floor Maybe well be neighbors”

“I have a house near the university, so I wont stay at the university.

” Even if Qin Qin were divorced, she would not mistreat herself.

Therefore, she was still very willful when she taught and lived there.

Before she went there, she bought herself a spacious house next to the university.

It only took her five to six minutes to walk there.

Unexpectedly, she met Qin Qin.

Jiang Yao and Qin Qin started chatting in the shop.

Even though they were not familiar with each other in the past, they had a great conversation.

However, the atmosphere at the hospital was not so friendly at the moment.

After sending Jiang Yao and the others away, Mrs.

Lu bought some daily necessities before returning to the ward.

After putting the things away, she poured a cup of warm water for Lu Xingzhi and then moved a chair to sit beside him.

Without warning, she said, “This time, you can apply for a transfer with the army.

If you dont, you can retire..”

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