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Chapter 2252: Its Alright

Jiang Yao did not mean to let Mrs.

Jiang stay there, but the problem was that she did not know how to cook.

Lu Xingzhi was injured and had to recuperate; he could not possibly take care of three meals a day and cook for her.

The food in the canteen was not enough for the nutrients that Lu Xingzhi needed during his recovery.

She still had to cook at home for Lu Xingzhi.

Furthermore, she required nutrition and simply giving her something to eat was insufficient

Despite her lack of enthusiasm for returning home, Jiang Yao could not help but pack her belongings and hum songs.

She was not afraid to sing out of tune, demonstrating her positive attitude.

Lu Xingzhi walked around for ten minutes before pulling Jiang Yao.

“Leave it.

Let Mom clean it when she returns.

You are pregnant, so squatting exhausts you.

Go to bed and take a nap with me.”

“Its alright.” Jiang Yao blinked, but Lu Xingzhi looked tired.

Thinking of what Mrs.

Lu had told her in the morning, Lu Xingzhi probably did not have a good nights rest either, so she nodded and turned around to wash her hands.

Lu Xingzhi watched Jiang Yao go to the bathroom.

He lay on the bed, then moved to the inside and gave up half of the bed.

When Jiang Yao came out, he waved at her.

“Lets sleep.”

Seeing Jiang Yaos frown and hesitation, Lu Xingzhi said, “My injuries are much better now.

Ill sleep for a while.

Youve been sleeping quite well recently.

However, Lu Xingzhi was affectionate.

His indifference was reserved only for those who did not have his heart.

Even his eyelashes were long enough to pique Jiang Yaos interest.

He slept soundly with his eyes tightly shut.

He was less cold and stern after falling asleep, and he looked more at ease.

Jiang Yao could not help but lean over and peck at his lips lightly.

A hug between lovers could undoubtedly put people at ease..Read full chapters at bon novel.com

No matter how the world tossed and turned, his embrace was always a safe haven..

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