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Chapter 265: Where Did the Money Come From

“The mission went well, with no injuries.” Lu Xingzhi looked down and gently touched his stomach after replying.

There was an injury.

He was slashed on the stomach by a knife.

It was not serious however, so he decided not to tell her.

By the time they see each other during the National Day holidays, the injury would have been nothing but a scar.

He realized that he would not be able to hide his injury once Jiang Yao had arrived.

Unless he held off any intimate activities, which was unbearable to even think about.

Scabs would have formed by then, and knowing Jiang Yao, she would probably berate him a little.

Since it was nothing but scars, she would not have to worry.


Next time when you go on a mission, call me, and send me a text message no matter how urgent it is, alright I was worried sick when I suddenly lost contact with you.” Jiang Yao continued, “Even if I am in a class, just call me and I will answer.

If I do it discreetly, the teacher will not find out.”

“Yes, maam.” Her wish was his command.

Plus, hearing his wifes concern about his well-being made him feel good.

“In your text message, you told me that you wanted to buy the shares off Mr.

Qin and the rest of the shareholders, did you do it How much money do you need I can do the wired transfer right now.” Lu Xingzhi thought that Jiang Yaos idea was brilliant.

“Shengqi Hospital does have a huge market share in Nanjiang City.

Being the majority shareholder is perhaps a wise decision, giving you absolute decision-making power without the need to consult anyone else.”

“I have already purchased the shares, the only one left is Mr.


I do not think he wants to sell them.

Plus, he seems to be intentionally avoiding me nowadays.

After much thought, I have decided that it is better to let him be.

He holds only six percent of the shares and did promise me to not interfere in any of my decisions.” Jiang Yao understood that hounding after Mr.

Feng for his shares was not the wisest move right now.

Jiang Yao also mentioned how she used Mr.

Qins rumors to her advantage, lowering the share prices drastically before buying them.

“Also, Manager Sun is working for me now.

He is my personal assistant!”

Lu Xingzhi knew who Manager Sun was.

He replied nonchalantly, indicating that he was informed of the news.

“Where did you get the money to do the purchase though” Lu Xingzhi was extremely curious.

“Huang Chengjing lent it to me!” Jiang Yao could not hide her gratitude toward Huang Chengjing.

“Initially I wanted to give up on the plan.

It was Mr.

Huang who proactively offered to loan me the money.

We had dinner that day too and I met his daughter.

She was so adorable!”

Lu Xingzhi did not care how Huang Chengjings daughter looked.

He wanted to know what Huang Chengjings intentions were doing all these

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