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Chapter 275: Ugly

“Ah, but if youre really tired, Ill cook once or twice.

But if its not delicious, I dont want to hear a word of complaint from you!” Jiang Yao threatened, “If you dare to complain, dont expect me to cook a second time!”

At the look that she was sending him, Lu Xingzhi could not help but press his lips against hers.

Whatever she made, even if she had added arsenic in it, he would eat without any hesitation, how could he even think of expressing any disgust at it

“Whatever you make, Ill eat it.” Lu Xingzhi promised.

Jiang Yao nodded her head in satisfaction, and she tried to shove him off her.

Yet, he clung even closer to her, and his energetic little brother was poking at her belly, which she could not ignore even if she tried.

Hence, she could only keep talking in order to distract herself from it.

“Youll have to remind me to buy some good potted flowers, like cacti or devils ivy.

Placing it at home would be beautiful and nice to look at, are there any that have nice flowers that can grow well Sunflowers are good too, if planted on the balcony, maybe daffodils…” Seeing that the man on her was insistently moving his hands all over her body, Jiang Yao slowly trailed off.

Yet, the someone still continued on like there was nothing wrong, his hands still moving, and he even continued her line of thought.

“Daffodils are ugly! I think bean flowers look better, it flowers and bears fruits too, and I like to eat beans.

Strawberry flowers are beautiful too, and you love to eat strawberries.”


Talk about being a male chauvinist.

“Are you planning to have a vegetable garden or a fruit garden” Jiang Yao grabbed Lu Xingzhis hand that had been slowly making its way under her clothes, glaring at the man while trying to deter his hands.

“Shh, dont be like that.

I havent seen you in half a month, and Im just checking if youve been eating well.” Lu Xingzhi used one hand to press down on this disobedient woman, while his other hand slipped under the material of her dress, leaving feathery touches on her smooth white skin, pinching the softness underneath his hands gently.

As though the dress was an annoying obstacle, he pushed the material up with the same hand, displaying a satisfied look on his face as he sat up to observe her without the hindrance, and commented, “It seems to have grown a bit bigger, hasnt it”

Jiang Yao had been rendered speechless by his shameless behaviour!

Feeling the dissatisfaction radiating like waves from his wife, the cheeky man then thought back to the topic they were discussing, and continued the line again, “Whether its a vegetable or fruit garden, Im fine with either, as long as you like it.”

After a few seconds had passed without any answer to his words, he raised his head to look at her.

Jiang Yao was biting her lip, her eyes a spark of emotion and fond affection in them.

There was not a trace of anger or annoyance in them, and she kept staring at his face.

“If were done with the topic, lets move on to something else.” He said, his voice a bit strained as he hastily kicked off his slippers and began to undress.

Jiang Yao quickly recovered, snapping out of her dazedness, “No! Its still daytime, and there are no curtains!”

“Its fine, theres no one living in the front unit.” Lu Xingzhi slid forward, his lips caressing the outer part of her ear as he said in a low voice, “Your heart is beating so fast, you neednt hold back so much.”

Barbarian! Savage! When he was in bed, it was like he would change into a completely different person, a bad boy!

“What did I say just now Dont take off your clothes if you are able to do so, hmph, youll let me see the wound if you do!” Jiang Yao felt a surge of courage swell up in her as she said this, her hands reaching out, not to push him away, but instead starting to unbutton his shirt.

Lu Xingzhi halted his actions for a moment, hearing the bite in her words.

He did not expect her to still remember his injury at this point in time.

Looking at how proud she was with a smile on her face, he grasped her hands that were undoing the buttons on his shirt.

If she had taken this initiative to undo his clothes while under normal circumstances, he would have been happy even in his dreams.

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