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Chapter 563: A Chat With Sis

“This is my sister, dont worry.” Jiang Yao, with a smile on her face, introduced them both to each other.

“Sis, this is Manager Sun, a very capable man.”

“You should come to my room if you want to talk.” Lu Yuqing looked at Manager Sun and then at Jiang Yao before leading them to her room.

Even though she was here for a trip, Lu Yuqing booked a business suite at the hotel out of habit.

Business suites usually included a living room, separated from the bedroom, it was the perfect place for their discussion.

Upon entering the room, Manager Sun immediately looked for a spot and sat down.

He thanked Jiang Yao after she handed him a bottle of water before continuing where he left off at the hotel lobby.

“The bank has given us their answer.

The most they can provide is a twenty-million loan.

Since youre still a student and dont have any assets, Ms.

Jiang, it is very difficult for the bank to provide more.”

“Twenty million Gosh, thats not enough!” Lu Yuqing castigated.

She looked at Jiang Yao and said, “Are you mortgaging the shares of Shengqi Hospital The bank is too stingy! Even though we are applying for a loan using shares as collateral, with Shengqi Hospitals prestige and their profitability…”

Lu Yuqing did not finish her sentence.

She shook her head and said, “This is not enough for you to build an office.”

That was the truth.

“Are you handling both the research lab and pharmaceutical manufacturing company alone” Lu Yuqing asked.

“With Xingzhis buddies.

Weiqi and Xuyao told me they wanted to invest.

Although, Im not sure how much money they are planning to invest in the companies.” Jiang Yaos cell phone rang as she was speaking.

It was from Lu Xingzhi.

“Sis and I just returned from the opening gala of Golden Phoenix.

Were in a discussion with Manager Sun about setting up the pharmaceutical manufacturing company and the research lab here at her hotel room.” Jiang Yao immediately gave Lu Xingzhi a brief report of her day.

“As a result of Mr.

Fengs objection, I could not mortgage Shengqi Hospital.

I had to apply for the loan using my portion of the shares as personal assets, unfortunately, twenty million is the maximum amount I can get.”

Jiang Yao groaned, “Even sis was in the opinion that the bank is too stingy!”

A brief pause later, Lu Xingzhi replied, “Can you pass your phone to Sis, I want to talk to her.”

“What do you think about this, Sis” Lu Xingzhi said after Lu Yuqing was on the phone.

He was not too interested in her opinions.

After all, he liked making his own decisions, no matter how momentous the matter was.

He was very supportive of Jiang Yao and wanted to conceal the fact from his family.

With his wife still a university student, it seemed irresponsible for her to do these things.

However, Lu Xingzhi trusted her.

It did not mean that his family would feel the same too since he was the only one that knew of Jiang Yaos secret.

Their family might not agree with their shenanigans.

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