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Chapter 577: I Call Dibs

Moe jerked his body up and looked at Jiang Yao sleepily.

“I thought you can see it for yourself”

The moment Jiang Yao returned, Moe could see a massive change in Jiang Yaos Vision, Hearing, and Memory.

He did not know how she managed to achieve that in just a month away at Jindo City, but her x-ray vision was undeniably activated as a result.

With Jiang Yaos current power, she could see through the inside of a mineral stone without trouble.

“Just in case.” Jiang Yao grinned.

“What if my x-ray vision fails me We could have bought a piece of junk for a few hundred thousand dollars! If that happens, you wont have any new toys to play with, no, you wont even get to eat meat!”

“Thats not possible! The Medical System never fails.” Moe was a little upset that Jiang Yao doubted the capabilities of the Medical System.

However, seeing that Jiang Yao was still skeptical and that she used toys and meat to threaten him, Moe had no choice but to focus his attention on the raw stones around him.

Jiang Yao was a unique sight in the fair.

She was the youngest person and also the only one that had brought a pet along.

Coupled with her casual demeanor, she seemed like a high schooler taking a stroll in the park after school, without the solemn expressions and the nervousness of the rest of the attendants.

It was almost impossible to see a stone without any glow, which meant that the trade fair did not fill up their quota with ordinary stones.

Then again, they glowered in different intensities, some only had a weak, almost negligible, glow.

Jiang Yao thought them to be worthless but was surprised to find them priced at a hundred thousand dollars.

Yet, as she moved her gaze away, a few people went crowding around the stone, using their flashlights, magnifying glasses, and various tools to examine it.

A little later, they emerged with victorious expressions, having found a valuable stone.

Or so they thought.

Jiang Yao shook her head and left with Moe in her hands.

She failed to realize that Zhu Qianlan was observing her leisurely stroll around the fair with great contempt.


Jiang.” Zhu Qianlan went over and stopped Jiang Yao.

“Why arent you with Mr.

Huang Is that a cat, where do you think you are at, a park Let me get this straight, young lady.

I know you are with Mr.

Huang for his money, but remember, he will eventually dump you when he gets tired of you.”

“What is wrong with her” Moe was upset and stood up, as his pupils suddenly dilated.

Zhu Qianlan could not understand Moes language, all she heard was incessant meowing.

She frowned, took a few steps back, and patted her clothes, apparently afraid that Moes fur would get on her dress.


Zhu, I am just a friend to Mr.

Huang.” Jiang Yao explained courteously.

“If you want to talk to him, go ahead.

If you want to talk to me about him, Im sorry, we have nothing to talk about.”

Jiang Yao did not even look at Zhu Qianlan when she spoke.

Caressing Moe with her hands, her eyes wandered around and came to an abrupt stop on a display shelf behind Zhu Qianlan.

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