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Chapter 633: Foolish Soldier

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation  Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

Zhu Qianlan stood with clenched fists.

How was it that such a lascivious woman like her could get both the attention of a stellar man like Huang Chengjing and a husband who had nothing but affection and love for her

When Zhu Qianlan came to Nanjiang City, she knew that Huang Chengjings wife passed away and left a daughter behind, the love of his life and the Huang familys pride.

Inquiring from various sources, she knew that Huang Chengjing was a very disciplined man with no drama before his marriage.

Both he and his now-deceased wife were from the same social status and got together naturally before marrying each other.

After his marriage, he was the model husband, focusing his attention on two things only, work and family.

Even with the passing of his wife, he did not let go of himself but continued working while raising his daughter alone.

There was never once where he was found to have unexplainable relationships with other women.

After knowing Huang Chengjing, Zhu Qianlan tried every method she could just to find out everything about him.

It was a mind-blowing experience for her.

His life was in stark contrast to the life of the elites she knew, despite being one himself.

During her incessant observation of him, she found herself to have fallen for this man.

She had to admit that Huang Chengjing was the best man she had ever known, even better than her father and brothers.

His life completely changed her perspective on the opposite gender.

That was why she thought that a man so stellar like him would one day be hers.

Who would have expected the appearance of another woman next to Huang Chengjing.

Apparently, he brought his daughter, along with the woman sightseeing around Nanjiang City, having meals in restaurants, visiting theme parks, hiking, and so much more.

These were activities she had never done before!

When he was led around the place like a bull with a ring in his nostrils, the woman he cared so much about was actually someone elses wife!

Zhu Qianlan could not hold it any longer, she approached them and intentionally stomped the ground with her heels, making a loud clacky sound as she walked.

The sudden noise interrupted the couples kissing as they quickly moved their faces away from each other.

Jiang Yao immediately pushed Lu Xingzhi away when she heard the footsteps approaching.

Her face was flushed, a deep red color.

Frankly, it was not embarrassing to kiss her husband, but that it was seen by people in public.

“Jiang Yao, you are such a whore!” Zhu Qianlan stopped two meters away.

“On one end you are able to keep your husband happy, just look at the passion and love he has for you! On the other, you seduced other men so that you could spend millions, any way you want it! I am so impressed!”

“You, soldier! Look at your ignorance, you probably dont know your wife is cheating on you!” Zhu Qianlan looked at the man with his back turned against her.

She had no respect for soldiers who were incapable.

Marrying a woman only to get cheated on.

“Jiang Yao, shouldnt you explain to your husband what exactly is your relationship with Hairun Groups Mr.

Huang” Zhu Qianlan smirked.

“I say, fool of a soldier, do you have any idea what your wife has been doing behind your back”

Lu Xingzhi finally turned and looked at the uninvited guest after making sure that Jiang Yaos blush had subsided.


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