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Chapter 634: Are You an Idiot

He was too engrossed in the kiss and did not realize the presence of a third person.

It was right, after all, love did make people blind.

On any occasion other than this, he would have noticed any human presence in such an open environment, even if they were a hundred meters away.

“Who are you” Lu Xingzhi glared at Zhu Qianlan and instantly thought that she was mentally unsound.

How would she know that his wife had unspeakable relations with Huang Chengjing

Jiang Yao tugged on Lu Xingzhi and tidied her hair before emerging from his shadow.

She demanded, “Zhu Qianlan, how do you know this is my husband”

“If hes not your husband, who else could he be One of your other beau A female soldier at Shengqi Hospitals site told me that you were a married couple!” answered Zhu Qianlan.

It could only be Chen Feitang!

That was why Zhu Qianlan knew that he was her husband, after all, they had very limited interactions together!

Otherwise, she would have thought, if nobody had told her so, that the man next to Jiang Yao was another one of her beaus.

Why would Chen Feitang talk to someone she did not know at all about her

Jiang Yao snickered.

What was Chen Feitang trying to get at

Lu Xingzhi frowned and instantly exuded a vicious aura, one that could murder a person.

Zhu Qianlan took a few steps back, startled by his expression.

Apparently, many soldiers would not hesitate in killing a person.

Was Jiang Yaos husband thinking of murdering her

Zhu Qianlan had no doubts about her assumption, after all the man standing right in front of him looked like a beast waiting for its prey.

She regretted coming over rashly all alone.

There was nobody else around at the moment and if the man wanted to kill her, nobody would know.

She should have brought her assistant along!

“Zhu Qianlan, are you an idiot” Jiang Yao shook her head in resignation.

“You like Huang Chengjing but think that he fancies me.

However, you come to my husband and tell him that I get intimate with men behind his back.

I have a question for you, what are you trying to achieve, doing this”

Jiang Yao had no idea just how Zhu Qianlans brain was wired.

She laughed looking at her counterpart, who seemed to not understand what she said.

“Are you an idiot What are you trying to achieve by spewing bad things about me in front of my husband Let me guess, you want us to fight and divorce, and then What next Now that I am free, I can finally marry Huang Chengjing! So that you can see the man you love marry some other woman”

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