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Chapter 655: Can You Do It

“Just do it as hard as you can!” Lu Xingzhi surrendered.

“Go ahead.”

Jiang Yao smiled smugly.

HMPH, Ill see how far he can go if he wants to be awesome with me!

“Let me ask you, which is more important, me or the marriage certificate You actually said that you wanted to beat me up for the marriage certificate just now ” After Jiang Yao said that, she threw Lu Xingzhi an expression that said, “Think carefully before you answer me.


“Both are important.

” Lu Xingzhi answered a little helplessly.

He knew that the question that she was holding back was definitely not easy to answer.

If he said that she was important, what was waiting for him would definitely be the result of the marriage certificate in his wallet in her hands.

After answering, Lu Xingzhi leaned over and untied her safety belt.

He raised his hand and patted her head.

“I was just trying to scare you.

How could I really beat you up ”

“I was just perfunctory, ” Jiang Yao muttered.

However, she didnt really want to die.

She didnt have to choose between two questions.

She just saw how precious Lu Xingzhis marriage certificate was and thought it was very funny, so she deliberately teased him.

Although the answer to this question wasnt particularly satisfying to her, she didnt persist in asking.

She knew clearly in her heart that the marriage certificate was so important to Lu Xingzhi because the wife on the marriage certificate was her, because the person who married him was her.

His attitude towards the marriage certificate was nothing more than his attitude towards him.

In fact, Jiang Yao was already very shocked when she took out the marriage certificate from his wallet.

When she noticed his attitude towards the marriage certificate, her heart was even more turbulent.

Lu Yuqing was right.

In fact, she really did not fully understand Lu Xingzhis love for her.

Lu Xingzhi watched Jiang Yao go upstairs from Jiang Yaos dormitory before he drove away from the school.

He first went to Wu Zhongs place to visit Wu Zhong and Chen Zhibin, and then went directly to look for director Ye, whom he had dealt with the last time he was here.

Lu Xingzhi went to look for director ye because of Zhu Qianlan.

He had a good eye for people.

Zhu Qianlan was an idiot, but Zhu Qianlans younger brother, Zhu Qianliang, was not.

With Zhu Qianliangs help, Zhu Qianlan might not have to leave Nanjiang city in the end.

However, his wife hated Zhu Qianlan, so Zhu Qianlan must not stay in Nanjiang city to hinder his wifes eyes.

“Young master Lu specially came to find me today because of this matter ” After Lu Xingzhi finished explaining his purpose of coming, director ye heaved a sigh of relief.

He was really afraid that it would be the same as last time.

He did not know who was the blind one who provoked Lu Xingzhi to come and interrogate him.

“Can it be done ” Lu Xingzhi asked faintly.

“Of course it can be done for such a small matter.

” Director ye nodded.

“If I cant even do such a small matter, then my position will be wasted.

“If Zhu Qianlan and Zhu Qianliang dont know whats good for them, then tell the Zhu familys company to get out of Nanjiang City.

I, Lu Xingzhi, owe you a favor for this matter.

” Lu Xingzhi left after leaving these words.

What Lu Xingzhi wanted was for Zhu Qianlan to leave Nanjiang city so that Zhu Qianliang could not interfere and help Zhu Qianlan.

Although director ye did not understand how Zhu Qianlan had provoked young master Lu to personally come and deal with her, since that woman had offended someone, then wait for her path, the only way was to leave Nanjiang City.

Just as Lu Xingzhi left the police station, chief ye arranged for people to go to the Zhu familys raw stone trading center.

Then, he sent another department to the Zhu familys jewelry company in Nanjiang City and stayed there for half a day.

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