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Chapter 771: Was not the same person

After all, when Lin Shunhe made things difficult for her in the auditorium, Lu Xingzhis expression could be said to be frighteningly ugly.

After the incident, Jiang Yao did not take Lin Shunhes matter to heart.

Speaking of which, sometimes, she was really magnanimous.

However, given Lu Xingzhis degree of protection for her, she was not surprised that Lu Xingzhi would do something to force Lin Shunhe away in the future.

Now that Lin Shunhe had joined Holy Flag Hospital and Jiang Yao had heard the directors affirmation of his work, she had no intention of getting rid of him.

Firstly, she felt that it was unnecessary.

Secondly, she felt that it was fine as long as Lin Shunhe had no problems with his work.

In any case, she was fine and did not come to the hospital much.

Lin Shunhe had a bad character as long as it did not affect his work.

The hospital director could not see any attitude towards Lin Shunhe from Jiang Yaos face.

It was as if she was not happy to see an acquaintance, but she also did not see the disgust of someone she did not like, so she did not continue to ask.

After leaving the hospital, Jiang Yao took Ah Lu and da ke to visit Wu Zhong at Chen Zhibins home.

When she went, Wu Zhong was chatting with Chen Zhibin in the courtyard.

It seemed that he had just finished eating and was killing time there, chen Zhibin happened to be on vacation today, so he was also at home.

When they saw Jiang Yao coming, everyone in the courtyard was very surprised, especially mother Chen.

She had recovered a lot recently and was in good spirits.

Jiang Yao came over not only to see Wu Zhongs condition, but also to send medicine to Mother Chen.

Mother Chens condition was not suitable for surgery previously.

Later, she did not have the time to follow up, so there was a slight delay.

Fortunately.., mother Chens physical fitness was not bad, and her recovery was very good.

Therefore, she sent some medicine over to help mother Chen recuperate first.

When, she would set a time for mother Chens leg to be operated on.

“You came alone so late”Wu zhong scolded Jiang Yao like a big brother.

“Although the public security in Nanjiang city has always been very good, it is still not safe for a girl like you to come alone.”

“Im not alone.

There are two people standing at the door.

Theyre the bodyguards that Xing Zhi found for me.

Theyll follow me wherever I go,”Jiang Yao explained.

Then, she called Ah Lu and Da Ke in to introduce them to Wu Zhong and Chen Zhibin.

After checking Wu Zhongs leg, Jiang Yao was relieved.

“Brother Zhong, your leg is recovering well.

It Wont be long before you can try walking on the ground.”

Jiang Yao was very happy, but she didnt forget to tell him, “However, you still have to take it slow.”

“Thats not a problem.

I still have this bit of patience.”Wu Zhong could feel that his leg was much better.

Wu Zhong responded while sizing up Jiang Yaos two bodyguards.

The sensitivity of a soldier allowed him to see that these two people were not simple, so he didnt continue to scold Jiang Yao.

After leaving Chen Zhibins place, Jiang Yao got into a taxi and went back to school.

On the way, she called Gu Haoyu and Lu Yuqing to inform them of her return to school.

During this period of time, she took leave very frequently, so if she could go back for two days of classes, she had to try her best to go back for two days of classes.

Otherwise, the school would probably go crazy over the news of her taking leave so often.

When Jiang Yao returned to the dormitory, it was not yet time to turn off the lights.

However, the weather in Nanjiang city was still cooling down recently, so all the girls in the dormitory had taken a shower early and were chatting under the covers.

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