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“Lu Xingzhi, in Jindo, everyone calls you Young Master Lu.

In Nanjiang City, you are not Young Master Lu anymore!” Lin Shunhe stood there as he met Lu Xingzhis icy glare; he did not back down at all.

They were in Nanjiang city, and Lu Xingzhi would not dare to do anything to him there.

Before Lin Shunhe could say anything else, a word flashed through Jiang Yaos mind—naive.

Lu Xingzhi was not crazy in Jindo, but he was insane in Nanjiang City.

“Lin Shunhe, have you ever wondered what its like to slander a military family member Have you forgotten about the military rules after you quit the military hospital” Lu Xingzhi had one hand in his pocket and the other with Jiang Yaos hand in his grip.

Lin Shunhe stood opposite him, and the man had a fearless expression on his face, while Lu Xingzhi looked nonchalant.

It was as if his opponents courage was inexplicably laughable to him—like a chicken that had fallen into a flock of cranes and had to learn how to stand tall like a crane, like a complete clown.

Lin Shunhe did not care about Lu Xingzhis question at all.

Instead, he spoke to the surrounding onlookers.

“Students, this is your beloved classmates husband.

He allowed his wife, Jiang Yao, to take my job with the Jin City Army.

He also allowed his wife, who had only gone to university for a month, to become a training officer in the armys hospital! The leader in the army also allowed him to do whatever he wanted! Just because hes a powerful man in Jindo, he can do whatever he pleases!”

The professors expression had looked quite normal at first.

When he entered the school gate, he saw someone who criticized the freshman, Jiang Yao, at the school gate, so he brought him into the school.

At the beginning of the school year, the matter with the freshmans representative selection had made him lose his dignity, and it also made the school leaders unhappy.

He had always hated Jiang Yao for that.

He had also heard people from the medical school mentioned that Jiang Yao often took leave every two or three days.

She had even taken a whole month off, which was ridiculous! He had always kept that matter in mind and hoped that the end of the semester would come soon; he wanted those who supported Jiang Yao to see the performance of the representative that they had chosen.

However, he did not expect to encounter something so interesting before the semester ended.

Someone had gone to the school to expose Jiang Yaos fake identity as a student at the Nanjiang Medical University.

He told the security guard that he would bring the person to the office, but in reality, he had scolded Jiang Yao while he led Lin Shunhe to the office so that all the students could hear them.

He knew that the chancellor and several school leaders were not in the office at that time in the morning, so after he brought the person to the ground floor, he did not take the person up to the office.

He deliberately did not chase any students away either, and he did not stop Lin Shunhe from criticizing Jiang Yaos behavior in front of everyone.

At that time, he felt delighted as he listened to Lin Shunhe complain about Jiang Yao.

However, that was then.

When he heard Lin Shunhe said that Jiang Yaos husband had a strong presence in Jindo, his expression immediately changed.

He did not know that Jiang Yaos husband was so powerful that he could force a military doctor out of the army and get away with it.

If he had known that Jiang Yaos husband was someone so scary, he would never have gotten involved in that matter!

“Alright, alright, dont surround us.”

That was the first thing the professor did when he snapped back to his senses.

He immediately dispersed the students and carefully observed Jiang Yaos husbands expression.

He secretly prayed that Jiang Yao and her husband did not know anything about his initial intention.

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