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Chapter 870: Because Its Almost the New Year

She was not done yet; Jiang Yao continued to compliment Yang Gaoshu.

“Your clothes are beautiful too, and they suit you very well.

I saw the same outfit when I went shopping.

My friend tried it on, but it did not look good on her.

However, she still liked it very much, but she was shocked when she saw the price.

It was too expensive, so she could not buy it.

It was nearly 200 bucks.

The shop assistant said that its more expensive because the material is all wool.”

As soon as Jiang Yao finished speaking, Yang Gaoshus expression changed.

However, a voice suddenly interrupted her, and her face paled even further.

“Sister-in-law, you cant even detect a good thing even when its in front of you!” Lu Xiaoxiao held Mrs Lus arm as they walked out of the nearby store.

With a snort, she scanned Yang Gaoshu from head to toe.

“This ladys clothes are not the most expensive item on her.

The shoes on her feet cost more than 200 bucks.

Also, did you see her bag I saw it at the mall in the city last time, and its a limited edition.

It costs more than 700 bucks.

Even if I wanted it, my dad wouldnt buy it for me!”

Lu Xiaoxiao let go of Mrs Lus arm and ran toward Jiang Yao.

“There are only two in the city.

After I begged my dad until he relented, I finally went back to that shop, but it was already sold out.

A generous man had bought both at once.

He gave one to his sister, and the other one was for the woman he was pursuing.

In less than two days, I saw my friend using this bag for class.

I was so envious!”

If Lu Xiaoxiao did not like a person, she would not mince her words.

She did not know what it meant by saving another persons dignity.

Even Mrs Lu knew there was a hidden meaning behind her words.

“You like it Sure, Ill keep the style in mind, and when Im in Nanjiang City or Jindo, Ill get you something similar.

Ill mail it to you when I find one.” Jiang Yao replied with a smile.

She did not even bat an eyelid when she looked at Yang Gaoshu.

Then she turned to Mrs Lu and said, “Mom, what a coincidence! Youre also here to buy something”

“Yeah, since we are attending your brothers wedding, your dad and I wanted to buy new clothes for the occasion.

Of course, we wouldnt want to embarrass you.” Mrs Lu waved the paper bag in her hand.

“Your father didnt have time to accompany me, so I called Xiaoxiao to come with me instead.”

“You and Dad are so good-looking; there is no need to dress up specifically.

Youll look good in just any outfit.” Jiang Yaos heart warmed slightly.

She did not think that her in-laws would think much about her brothers wedding.

“When did you become such a sweet-talker” Jiang Yaos praises amused Mrs Lu.

“It must be because its the New Year!” Lu Xiaoxiao giggled.

“Auntie, then I should praise you and Uncle a little more.

Will I get more cash in my red envelope this new year”

“Mom, dont listen to Xiaoxiaos nonsense.

Ill ask Xingzhi for my red envelope.

Even if I have to praise someone against my conscience, Ill do that in front of Xingzhi.” Then Jiang Yao reached out and poked Lu Xiaoxiaos forehead, “Look, Sister and Xingzhi are both good-looking, so their parents must be good-looking too! Our high school teacher once said that Mom was a famous beauty in town when she was young.”

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