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Chapter 880: Dont Look Back

The child was not her patient, so she would not use her medical system to scan his physical condition.

However, from her experience, she could tell that the child was not healthy.

“What did you say What paternity test Why are you spouting nonsense about my childs health He is fine; it is only a fever.

Whats the big deal about a child running a fever Which child wont get sick” Lu Weihua knew Mrs Lu and Lu Xiaoxiao, but he did not know the woman who was with them.

He shouted impatiently when the woman rambled about something he did not understand.

“Thats all I have to say.” When Jiang Yao saw the mans attitude, she did not want to talk to him.

She turned to Chen Lanying and said, “A mother should be strong; you are a mother.

Ive told you everything I need to tell you.

Whether you do it or not is your own business.”

After she said that, Jiang Yao slapped Chen Lanyings hand away.

She and Lu Xiaoxiao protected Mrs Lu from both sides as they walked toward the shops.

“Auntie Lu!” Chen Lanying looked desperate when she saw that Mrs Lu was about to leave.

“She doesnt even care about you, yet youre still trying to fawn over her” Lu Weihua sneered, “You dont even show such respect to my mother!”

“Did you hear what that woman said just now If you dont believe that our son is yours, then lets go to the hospital to do the test!” Chen Lanying said.

“A paternity test” A fat woman snorted.

“Which of you have heard of such a thing Anyway, Ive traveled around the world, but Ive never heard of it! Also, do you know who that woman was Do you believe everything she says She is Lu Xingzhis wife.

Why would she show you kindness Youre such a gullible woman! It doesnt matter whether youre married or not!”

That fat woman was none other than the middleman who had introduced Chen Lanying and Lu Xingzhi back then.

In the county, everyone called her a matchmaker.

Ever since Lu Xingzhi and Chen Lanying broke off their engagement, that fat woman hated both of their families.

She hated the Chen family and Chen Lanying because Chen Lanying had dated another man while she was engaged to Lu Xingzhi.

Then, she had broken off her engagement with Lu Xingzhi.

Chen Lanying thought that Lu Xingzhi had no future because the army had discharged him, and his legs were broken.

However, Lu Xingzhi had been completely fine.

It was apparent that Chen Lanying had changed her mind, and it had caused that matchmaker her reputation.

She had even lost a large sum of introduction fees.

She hated the Lu family because after Lu Xingzhi broke off the engagement with Chen Lanying, she had taken the initiative to go to the Lu family again to introduce Lu Xingzhi to another woman.

She even went to the county town to choose a few ladies with a similar background to Chen Lanying.

Most importantly, they were from the city, and they had a residence permit there.

She did not expect the Lu family to refuse her effort, and Lu Xingzhi also married a country girl.

The fat woman did not care about Chen Lanyings reaction.

She watched as the three figures walked away before she quickly chased after them.

She shouted, “Teacher Li! Teacher Li!”

Mrs Lu recognized the voice the moment she heard her.

She immediately pressed Jiang Yao and Lu Xiaoxiaos hands to prevent them from looking backward.

She said, “Dont look back.

Just pretend that you didnt hear her.

Lets find an intersection and turn there.”

Mrs Lu could not be bothered to deal with the person behind her.

Back then, after Lu Xingzhi and Jiang Yao were married, that fat woman had given her a hard time.

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