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Chapter 945: Xiaocheng Jumps Off a Building

He originally called to tell Jiang Yao that he would go to Yuan City in two days.

However, he could not bear to hang up after that conversation; he asked about Jiang Yaos lunch instead.

First, he casually asked her if she had eaten.

After Jiang Yao told him that she was waiting for room service, he began to ask about her lunch in detail.

He continued to tell her to eat more and take care of herself; he did not want her to lose weight.

He also told her that the weather in the north was cold and windy, so she should wear warmer clothes if she were to go out so that she would not catch a cold while she was there.

Those slightly noisy words entered Jiang Yaos ears, but she was not annoyed with him.

On the contrary, she listened to his words and answered him accordingly.

She was so obedient that it made him extremely happy.

Therefore, Jiang Yao got more energetic the more she spoke with her husband.

Jiang Yao thought that the reason she was not annoyed with him was probably she had not seen him for a while.

She must have missed him, so she was quite tolerant with his words.

No matter how silent Lu Xingzhi was with outsiders, he had never suppressed his mood with her; he was almost like a different person in front of his wife.

Jiang Yao looked forward to Lu Xingzhis arrival in Yuan City in two days.

So that afternoon, she went out to get some things and then spent the whole afternoon in her room with handicrafts.

The MMS that Lu Xingzhi sent her that day had inspired her.

Wen Xuehui was right—Lu Xingzhi did not lack things that money could purchase.

Since Lu Xingzhi seemed to enjoy the things she made, Jiang Yao decided to make a gift for him.

He already had a jar of plastic stars that he had taken from her mothers house, so she decided to fold a thousand paper cranes for him as his birthday gift.

She could also write a sentence on each of those paper cranes.

She decided not to remind Lu Xingzhi when she gave him the gift.

Instead, she would just wait for him to discover it on his own.

Since she had things to do, Jiang Yao felt as if time had passed quickly.

She did not go to bed until midnight.

She glanced at the text message that Lu Xingzhi had sent her two hours prior to wish her a good night.

Then, she fell asleep happily as she thought about Lu Xingzhis reaction when he received her present.

However, Jiang Yaos phone rang not long after she went to bed.

It was My Jiang.

“Something bad has happened.

Zhou Xiaocheng tried to commit suicide by jumping off a building.

Shes in the hospital now.”

Those words were like a bomb that sent Jiang Yao into a panic.

“When did this happen”

“It was about an hour ago; she jumped off the roof of her house, and there was a pile of sharp items on the ground.” Mr Jiang gave her the hospitals name and told Jiang Yao that the Zhou family was already there.

After the call ended, Jiang Yao rushed to put on her clothes and then woke Ah Lu and Big Ke.

Since Chen Xuyao had the car keys, she had to wake him up as well.

Chu Sheng must not have gone to sleep because she came out of her room when she heard loud noises from Jiang Yaos room.

Since Jiang Yao looked anxious and was about to leave, Chu Sheng gestured to ask what had happened.

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