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Dear Commander in Chief Chapter 30: I Allow You To Touch Me!

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Chapter 30: I Allow You To Touch Me!

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Gu Qiqi felt complicated in her heart.

Nevertheless, she felt grateful for his gesture.

But in the very next moment, the gratitude that she had for Gong Jue disappeared in an instant.

“Woman, stay still!”

“Can you afford to compensate me if something happens to the car Also, your wounds are so messy... If I didnt apply medicine for you and stopped the bleeding, your bloody clothes wouldve dirtied the car!”

“Shouldnt you have some sort of self-awareness and compensate me for that as well”

“You hunted me down, so you can ask me for compensation” Gu Qiqi was in disbelief.

“Of course! Did you think that I wanted you to enjoy life here” Gong Jue coldly uttered.

Gu Qiqi felt that she had truly deceived herself just now.

This man was a perverted assh*le.

Not only he has erectile dysfunction, but he was also mentally ill.

Just why did she think that he actually cared about her injuries

She pursed her lips and mocked. “Are you going to get me to compensate you for your emotional damages as Ive written the wordserectile dysfunction on your physical examination report as well”

“Woman, although youre stupid... You still have some self-awareness.” Gong Jue proudly declared. “Special Assistant Lu, do some calculations for this woman. Include everything she owed me till today to the list of compensations that you have prepared previously.”

Special Assistant Lu, who had been driving all this while, was utterly confused.

Master Jue... since when was there such a list

Could it be that youre just nervous because this is your first time to rip off a girls clothing in your life And because youre nervous, you are deliberately using money to draw the boundaries clear, hoping to cover up your miscalculation

But youre just making your mistake conspicuous with such a move!

Master Jue, I really wish that I can tell you this...

But if you continue to talk about money with women, you would never be able to control them!

Didnt we catch her because you wanted to verify if you could indeed touch her even though you were previously unable to touch women due to your serious illness

If you talk to her about money in such a manner, how would Young Lady Qiqi be willing to let you touch her

Indeed—Gu Qiqi became furious and asked amidst her gnashed teeth, “How much is the compensation”

“Special Assistant Lu, tell her.” Gong Jue proudly gave his orders.

Special Assistant Lu came up with a figure. “Ten... ten thousand”

“Special Assistant Lu, have you reached the age of retirement Cant you see clearly the number of zeros behind that figure” Gong Jues voice turned cold.

Special Assistant Lu coughed and quickly changed his words. “One... no, ten million.”

Master Jue, that list was completely imaginary.

How would I know where to look

Ten million dollars wasnt a small amount.

He initially thought that Gong Jue approved of it.

But he didnt expect the man to coldly snort in response. “Youve seen it wrongly! Im giving you one last chance.”

“Reporting to Master Jue, it is one hundred million dollars!”

Special Assistant Lu felt like breaking down when he reported this amount.

Master, wouldnt your conscience hurt for cheating a female student like this

Gu Qiqi looked at this scene coldly.

Very well.

He was trying to cheat her, eh

Lets wait and see.

She pursed her lips, raised her handcuffs, and knocked away Gong Jues arm that was applying medicine for her. She then said sarcastically, “I shant trouble you then!”

“Ill apply the medicine myself and save some money. Also, your ointment is too expensive. I—a commoner—cant afford it!”

She picked up a cotton ball with her handcuffed hands and soaked it in alcohol.

Although she couldnt reach her back, she could reach her shoulders.

The alcohol came into contact with the wound and an excruciating pain inundated her senses.

However, she bit her lips and tolerated the pain. She didnt say a word and remained silent.

Gong Jue looked on coldly.

This stupid woman.

It was obvious that she was in so much pain, but she refused to use his expensive and supreme-grade ointment that was highly effective for wounds.

Damn it!

Upon seeing the look on her face as she endured the pain, his big palms uncontrollably clasped her shoulders!

Before he realized what he had done, Gu Qiqi was already beside him. He grabbed the cotton ball from her hands, and threw it away!

Then, he helped her apply the expensive ointment.

“Special Assistant Lu, deduct ten thousand dollars for her!”

“Noted. Young Lady Qiqi still owes you ninety-nine million, nine hundred and ninety-thousand dollars.”

Gu Qiqi was speechless.

Who could tell her how she had such a huge debt after she was reborn

This man was sick all over. He was mysophobic, narcissistic, and he hated women too!

Wait, didnt he hate women appearing in front of him and hated women touching him

Back when they were in that examination room, she only helped her move histhing a bit, and he went crazy in fury.

Why was it that now...

Gu Qiqi twisted her eyebrows and rolled her eyes at him. “Take away your dirty hands! Youre going to criticize and blackmail me again for touching you, right!

But Gong Jues answer was far different from what she had expected.

“I allow you to touch me temporarily!”

He sounded so much like an assh*le with that arrogant tone!


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