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263 The West Behemoth Race

“If the Minister was here, he would have turned you into ashes with a snap of his fingers!”

“There are countless men in the Great Qin Dynasty.

Let me fight you!” A brawny man, wielding a large saber, charged forward.

In the end, his head was crushed by the monster from the extraterrestrial race.

Immediately, blood and brain matter splattered all over the ground, and the headless body fell powerlessly.

The four-armed and two-winged monster from the extraterrestrial race with a horn on his head looked at the countless people.

“This kind of trash is simply dirtying my feet.

Its too dirty, too dirty.”

Then, he raised his foot high and stepped on the headless body that had just died.

He used the corpses cloth to clean his shoes.

“In my opinion, the Great Qin Dynasty should just go into hiding and give this piece of land to us, the west behemoth race.

If Emperor Shi didnt leave behind the Son of Heavens Sword for you, Im afraid all of you, the descendants, would have been destroyed by someone long ago.

Hahaha, hahaha!”

“Shut up! A barbarian dares to insult the Great Qin Dynasty!”

The monster from the extraterrestrial race looked at a weak scholar who spoke not far away.

“Who are you”

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“Great Qin Dynasty, Zhu…”

Before the weak scholar could finish, the monster of the extraterrestrial race flapped his wings and disappeared.

When he reappeared, there was already another person in his hand.

The weak scholar who had just argued with reason was now being strangled and struggling non-stop.

“Do you think youre worthy of yapping in front of me Hmm”

This monster from the extraterrestrial race crushed the bones of this weak scholar into powder inch by inch.

With every passing minute, the scholar was suffering immense pain and suffering.

“As long as you say that Great Qins people are trash, Ill let you go.”

Even though his veins were already bulging, the scholar still did not say a word.

The monster from the extraterrestrial race seemed to be a little impatient.

He deliberately tore off the weak scholars arm, which had been completely crushed.

Then, he sprinkled some kind of powder on the wound.

The powder could make people obediently listen to him.

Rather than letting this weak scholar eat it, it was better to let his wound absorb it.

It would add a lot of fun.

Gradually, some time passed, and the eyes of this weak scholar no longer had any light of intelligence.

“Say that the people of Great Qin are all trash.

Did you hear that”

Just as the weak-looking scholar was about to speak, his eyes widened.

He seemed to have gone crazy as he spat out a mouthful of blood.

Along with it was half a tongue!

“Disgusting!” The monster from the extraterrestrial race seemed to be disgusted and directly crushed the head of the weak scholar.

“Who else is there! Who else does Great Qin have”

All of Great Qins residents hoped for the appearance of one person only, and that was the Elder King, Great Qins Minister.

If the Minister was here today, how could he let this outrageous monster from the extraterrestrial race act so presumptuously

This was simply throwing the Great Qin on the ground and stepping on it.

Even though Great Qins residents were extremely angry, none of them was a match for the extraterrestrial races monster.

This was because the other party had already reached level 9 of the Supreme Sage realm.

Even in the entire ten lands, he was just one step away from becoming a God-realm expert.

Even if Great Qin had an extreme weapon, it would not dare to attack a monster from an extraterrestrial race.

This was because this monster was from a powerful extraterrestrial race in the galaxy that had Gods.

In the galaxy, the competition between these races was even more brutal.

It was also because of this that the Great Qin Dynasty did not use its extreme weapon despite the monsters impudence.

If word of them using an extreme word got out, the Great Qin Dynasty would become a laughingstock.

Others would probably say that the Great Qin Dynasty was getting worse and worse, to actually use an extreme emperor weapon against a Supreme Sage.

The monster from the extraterrestrial race was sure that the Great Qin Dynasty would not dare to make a move against him, which was why he was so presumptuous.

“Great Qin should just go into hiding.

Theres not even a single one who can fight.

If you dont have an extreme weapon, even though the western behemoth race doesnt have 10000 people, we can still take your place…”

Before he could finish his sentence, this monster from the extraterrestrial race was beaten to the ground by a punch.

Countless Great Qin citizens looked at the newcomer.

When they saw that it was the Elder King, they were all extremely excited.

This monster from the extraterrestrial race had made them feel incredibly sullen since he had started bullying the Great Qin because he was adamant that no one here would be his match

“Who are…”

Once more, before the monster from the extraterrestrial race on the ground could finish his sentence, he curled up on the ground with his hands on his head.

This was the effect of Qin Chens current spiritual power that was comparable to a God-realm expert.

It made the level 9 Supreme Sage monster from the extraterrestrial race kneel.

At this moment, the monster from the extraterrestrial race who hadnt realized the seriousness of the situation shouted, “Im telling you, if you dare to attack me again, when the God of the western behemoth race comes, Ill definitely make you regret living!”

Qin Chen sneered.

With a single step, he stomped on the back of the monsters head, causing the latter to kowtow to the ground.

“Everyone, look at this.

What kind of bullsh*t is the western behemoth race To think hes acting like a lost dog in front of the Minister!”

“Minister! Kill him!”

“We cant let him leave here alive!”

“A blood debt must be paid in blood! He has killed so many of Great Qins people, so he must die!”

Qin Chen directly cut off the wings and four arms of this monster from the extraterrestrial race, sealing his power.

At this moment, that invincible monster from the extraterrestrial race was no different from an ordinary human.

Then, Qin Chen left him on the spot and left with a sentence, “You can deal with this person as you wish!”

In an instant, countless citizens of Great Qin cheered.

Some cried and knelt in the direction that Qin Chen had left.

Some were extremely angry and picked up their swords before charging at the monster from the extraterrestrial race…

When Qin Chen returned to the palace, it had only been a while.

“Your Majesty, Ive already dealt with that monster from the outer realm.

The Great Qins people are dealing with him now.

If the monster from the extraterrestrial race isnt dead, please kill him, Your Majesty, in case it brings trouble.”

“What” Imperial Lord Qin Feng was dumbfounded.

In other words, that level 9 Supreme Sage monster from an extraterrestrial race was actually defeated by his 17th brother in such a short time

One should know that the enemy was a peerless existence that was one step away from breaking through to the God realm.

A Sage from the Great Qin Dynasty had witnessed the entire incident.

He cupped his hands at the Imperial Lord and said, “Your Majesty, that is indeed the case! I saw with my own eyes that the monster from the extraterrestrial race has been defeated by the Minister.”

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