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Song Xinyan had the support of the Song Corporation and even Li Mohan.

The girls did not dare to do anything to her, so they targeted Su Jiu.

Su Jiu lost several times and downed a whole can of beer.

“Little Jiu is amazing, but beer is nothing.

Shall we drink this instead” a girl suggested, bringing over a bottle of wine.

“No, no.

Ill get drunk for real!” Su Jiu refused.

“What are you scared of If youre drunk, well just send you home.

Dont worry!” The girls said.

Su Jiu could not win against so many of them alone, so she could only bite the bullet and agree, hoping that she would not lose again.

However, the girls kept targeting her.

After a while, Su Jiu had finished a glass of red wine and was starting to feel a little dizzy.

Is this what it feels like to be drunk

Su Jiu didnt feel good at all.

She didnt want to drink anymore.

Before the next round of the game began, she took out her phone and sent Rong Si a message while she was still lucid.

“Big Brother, can you pick me up from the club”

She had told him the private room number in passing.

Rong Si replied quickly.


Since he was worried about Su Jiu following Song Xinyan to such a place, Rong Si had been staying on guard outside, ready to go in and pick her up at any time.

When he saw the message from Little Jiu, he immediately walked in without a word.

Inside the private room:

The glass in front of Su Jiu has half filled with red wine again.

“Little Jiu, you have to give me face! Come, lets have another glass!”

“No, no.

I really cant drink anymore.

If I drink any more, Ill really get drunk!”

Seeing a faint blush on Su Jius face, Song Xinyan said, “Alright.

If Little Jiu doesnt want to drink, then dont make her drink anymore.

Otherwise, Ill fight you!”

The girls immediately stopped trying to pressure her.

Song Xinyan concernedly looked at Su Jiu.

“Little Jiu, how are you Are you feeling unwell Shall I get the waiter to send you a bowl of hangover soup You could have refused just now.

You didnt have to drink so much.”

Su Jiu smiled at her.

“Its fine.

I just wanted to try the wine properly.

Its fine if Im drunk.

Ive already texted Rong Si to pick me up.”

Song Xinyan blinked and exclaimed, “No way, you… you really asked your boyfriend to pick you up”

“Yes, why” Su Jiu confusedly looked at her.

Meeting her clear eyes, Song Xinyan suddenly felt that she had been thinking too much just now.

She roughly knew what kind of person Little Jius boyfriend was.

He was not the kind of person who would take advantage of others weaknesses.

She was quite relieved to let him bring Little Jiu back.

But who could predict what would happen when a hot-blooded man was alone with a slightly tipsy girl

Song Xinyan pouted.

“Im worried about you.

Im afraid hell take advantage of you.”

Take advantage of me

Su Jiu burst out laughing again.

“With all due respect, I think… Im more likely to take advantage of him.”

“Really You trust his character that much”

“Of course.

If his character is bad, how could I like him My taste isnt that bad,” Su Jiu said confidently.

Song Xinyan reached out and pinched her flushed face.

“You cant trust men too much.

Some people look cold and abstinent on the surface, but theyre beasts.

They can eat you up until theres nothing left!”


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