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Conquering a Street

After having contracted more than 500 servants, the game systems mission finally appeared once again.

This time, it was the main storyline mission given directly by the system.

[Commanding more than 500 troops, triggering main storyline mission.]

[Main Storyline Mission 1: Occupy a piece of territory to become the base of a faction.]

It was precisely because of this main storyline mission that Ning Shi had deliberately provoked Maku Gu to maintain his barbarity.

According to Ning Shis plan, these extreme barbarians should have gone to the wilderness to help him farm monsters.

The extreme barbarians had excellent physical fitness. Even with the elderly, the weak, women and children, the teams speed was quite fast.

After three days, Ning Shi and his team finally arrived at the Redwood Forest near Duohuang.

“Rest on the spot. Duohuang is ahead! Everyone, finish the last of your rations and rest up.”

Ning Shi gave the order and the long line stopped. Everyone sat on the ground and took out the buckwheat bread that was the speciality of the northern ice field and started eating.

Ning Shi could not eat the bitter bread. Instead, he looked around Redwood Forest to prevent the other magical beasts from attacking.

In the distance, two figures were rushing over. Ning Shis eyesight was very good, and he recognized them at a glance.

Magis and Malu!

Their armors were still covered in blood, and the two-meter-long spiked mace was covered with the remains of unknown creatures.

“Magis, what happened Didnt I tell you to farm reputation points in the arena How come my reputation value has stopped increasing since yesterday”

[Reputation Value: Main body 373 (somewhat famous) / avatar (423/1034) (somewhat famous).]

After Ning Shi left, Magis and Malu found an arena. With their abnormal physiques and regenerative ability, the two of them were like stamina monsters that never stopped winning 21 matches in a row.

Every time they won, they would shout the name of the original owner, Ning Shi. On the same day, they earned over 500 reputation points for Ning Shi. It was because of their reputation points that Ning Shi was able to successfully contract the warriors of the extreme wilderness tribe.

“Boss, Malu and I won 37 consecutive matches in the Blood Crime Arena. The boss of the arena, Gru, came to us and said that our consecutive victories had caused his casino to lose a lot of money and forced us to lose to our opponents.”

“How could we do something that would damage our bosss reputation So, we started fighting with them.”

“After we broke out of the encirclement yesterday, we waited for Boss near the Redwood Forest. We had nothing to do, so we killed some magical beasts.”

Ning Shis experience points had been increasing for the past few days. Currently, he had accumulated 235,000 experience points. The system did not mention where the experience points came from. Ning Shi had always thought that these experience points were all from Bruce killing monsters.

“The tribe has come to Duohuang. We must have a base. I was still thinking about where to start. Now, theres no need to hesitate. Lets take down the Blood Crime Street first.”

There were a total of 118 streets in Duohuang. Apart from a few streets, most of the streets were chaotic.

Although there were forces occupying the streets, these people were not willing to put in the effort to manage the streets.

Blood Crime Street was a typical Duohuang street. Its ruler was the leader of the Blood Crime Mercenary Group, Gru. Gru had a Level 6 bloodline rampage tiger and was a Level 28 bloodline warrior. He was extremely powerful.

Influenced by his bloodline, his style was overbearing and extremely brutal. Under his rule, Blood Crime Street fought endlessly every day. Bloodshed was a common occurrence.

The business of other merchants was greatly affected. Over time, Blood Crime Street became one of the most chaotic and poorest streets in Duohuang. However, Gru didnt care because he operated the Blood Crime Arena. The more people fought, the better the arena business.

The gambling industry, which was derived from the arena, also flourished.

Ning Shi did not know exactly how many people Grus Blood Crime Mercenary Group had. He did not know which experts they had. Right now, his subordinates were all rough berserkers. There were no scouts that could gather intelligence.

The strongest force in Duohuang was the Griffin Chamber of Commerce, which was backed by the Ole Empire. They had a 100-man Griffin Knight Legion and a 3000-man Wolf Knight Legion.

With this force, the Griffin Chamber of Commerce ruled 10 streets.

The Blood Crime Mercenary Group was a small force. They only ruled one street in Blood Crime Street. Ning Shi deduced that they were probably not that strong.

“Maku Gu! Bring the warriors and follow me! The rest of you, rest on the spot.”

With an order, more than 500 berserkers stood behind Ning Shi in unison. Each of them was over 2.5 meters tall and extremely sturdy.

Although many warriors were topless, holding only bone clubs as weapons, and looked extremely poorly equipped, a bloodthirsty aura had already formed.

Being intimidated by this aura, countless birds were startled in Redwood Forest and the cowardly magical beasts fled in all directions.

Just like that, the group of people walked into Duohuang. Wherever they passed, humans and beasts avoided them.

They went straight to the Blood Crime Arena. The Blood Crime Mercenary Group was stationed there. Ning Shi did not hold back and took out the forest longbow that he had not used for a long time.


An arrow split the Blood Crime Mercenary Groups signboard in half.

“Who is it! Are you tired of living How dare you come here to cause trouble!”

Along with this angry shout, a tigers might was emitted from the mercenary groups base. The wildebeest that Ning Shi was sitting on snorted uneasily. If it was not for Ning Shis pacification, the wildebeest would have knelt on the spot.


Seeing that the berserkers were also affected by the tigers might, Ning Shi snorted coldly and a wave of dragons might spread out from his body.

Pop! After being provoked by the dragons might, the tigers might burst like a bubble and disappear without a trace.

Gru rode out on a huge tiger, followed by hundreds of well-equipped mercenaries.

The originally aggressive group of people were intimidated by the dragons might and their movements became stiff.

Gru had a big waist and a full beard. His eyes were a strange red. He looked at Ning Shi and the others with a solemn expression and slowly said.

“Sir, have I ever offended you Why did you tear down my signboard for no reason”

Sensing that Ning Shi and the others were not to be trifled with, Gru was not a fool. He knew to be patient. Even though the mercenary groups signboard had been torn down, he did not lose his temper on the spot.

Ning Shi did not answer immediately. Instead, he cast an insight skill.

[Insight Target: Gru. Spiritual power comparison: 16/15. All basic information can be explored.]

Character: Gru

Physique: 29 (40)

Spiritual Power: 15 (25)

Appearance: 7 (bearded handsome guy)

Family Background: 6 (side branch of the Tiger family)

Bloodline: Rampage tiger (Level 6 / Potential: 9 stars)

Profession: Bloodline warrior Level 28

Skills: Gale battle axe Level 5, wind shadow Level 4, fury Level 4, wind blade enchantment Level 3

Talent: Learning (white), violence (gold), tigers might (blue), wind magnetic field (gold)

Achievements: Leader of the Blood Crime Mercenary Group, ruler of the Blood Crime Street in Duohuang

[Wind magnetic field (gold): When fighting within the magnetic field, the enemys speed will be slightly reduced, and their speed will be slightly increased.]

[Wind shadow Level 4: After being released, the movement skill will borrow the power of the wind, and the speed will be increased by 100%.]

[Wind blade enchantment Level 3: Passive skill, attacks will have a certain amount of wind blade damage.]

[Fury Level 4: After being released, the strength will be increased by 300% and the speed will be increased by 100%. The damage will be greatly reduced. Duration: 5 minutes. After being released, the user will enter a weakened state.]

As expected of a powerhouse who could rule the streets of Duohuang. His skills and talents were too powerful. When his skills and talents were fully activated, his speed and damage were instantly maxed out.

Although his physique could not compare to Magis who was supported by Ning Shi, he relied on his extremely powerful skills and talents to suppress Magis.

It seemed that Magis and Malu were able to escape yesterday because Gru was wary of Ning Shi behind them, so he deliberately let them go.

Seeing that Ning Shi remained silent, Grus anger flashed across his face.

“Sir, the Blood Crime Mercenary Group is a member of the Duohuang Chamber of Commerce and is an ally of the Brad Bloodline Chamber of Commerce. We dont have a deep grudge against each other. Its better for everyone to sit down and have a chat.”

Ning Shi laughed, “The outside world says that Leader Gru is overbearing and cruel. Rumors really kill people. I think Leader Gru is very reasonable.”

Ning Shi waved his hand, and Magis and Malu stood out.

Seeing these two people, Gru instantly understood.

“You are Ning Shi,Lord of the extreme wilderness and also the person mentioned in the rumors that had been spreading for the past few days”

Ning Shi was stunned for a moment. He already had a name so quickly. “Lord of the extreme wilderness” sounded like a villain.

“Thats right. Im here today to ask for an explanation for my men.”

“Since the Lord of the extreme wilderness is here, Im willing to pay compensation.” Gru immediately said, “Harry, go and get two boxes of gold coins.”

Soon, Harry came out with two boxes of gold coins and placed them in front of Ning Shi. Under Grus signal, he opened the boxes.

“Lord Ning Shi, here are 20,000 gold coins. See if youre satisfied.”

Ning Shi jumped down from the horse and came to the chest full of gold coins. He said with a smile.

“Leader Gru is really flexible. I admire your delaying tactics. Your men should have arrived at the base of Brad Bloodline Chamber of Commerce by now. I wonder when the reinforcements you are waiting for will come”

Hearing that Ning Shi had exposed his delaying tactic, Gru knew that a bloody battle was inevitable.

In Duohuang, there was no lack of battles. He was not a person who would sit and wait for death. Although the opponent looked strong, he had to fight first!

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Grus legs clamped together and the huge tiger under his legs instantly activated, flashing in front of Ning Shi.

A bright light shone on Ning Shis face. It was the blade light from the huge axe!

Ning Shi was about to dodge when he realized that his body was wrapped by the wind and his speed became a little slower.

Gru immediately activated his wind magnetic field talent.


At the critical moment, Ning Shi pulled out his sword and blocked the giant axe.

Zi ~ zi ~

Ning Shi turned his sword around and the sword slashed across the giant axe. With a sizzling sound, it slid to the handle of the axe. Seeing that it was about to cut his wrist, Gru had no choice but to retreat.

The giant tiger beneath him reacted too slowly and was cut open by Ning Shis sword.

With the support of the wind shadow, Grus speed was extremely fast, and he instantly disappeared in front of Ning Shis eyes.

Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!

The axe was wrapped with wind blades, and it attacked Ning Shi from all directions. Ning Shi dodged in a sorry state but he did not counterattack.

Seeing that he had the upper hand, Gru relaxed a little. He flashed behind Ning Shi and continued to swing the huge axe.


A blade light flashed and Gru froze in mid-air.

“Do you really think that my speed is not as fast as yours”

Ning Shi put away his blade and said calmly.

“What a fast blade...”

After saying this, Grus body and head split into two and fell to the ground, blood splattering all over the ground.

Ning Shis physique was 8 points higher than Grus to begin with. In the later stages of his physique, every increase in points was very large. Ning Shis body had been developing in a balanced manner. Not only was his strength strong, but his speed was also fast.

Ning Shis speed was already several times faster than Grus. Even with talent and skills to make up for it, Grus speed was still not as fast as Ning Shis.

Under such circumstances, Ning Shi still deliberately showed weakness and seized Grus weakness to kill him in one strike, giving him no chance to release his fury skill.

Seeing their leader being killed by Ning Shi in one hit, the members of the Blood Crime Mercenary Group, who were already defeated by the berserkers of the extreme wilderness tribe, dropped their weapons and surrendered.

The Blood Crime Mercenary Group was wiped out!

The small goal of taking down a street was achieved!



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