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Chapter 1: The Classic Opening and Becoming a Loser in the Clan After Transmigration

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In the main hall, the coiling dragon cloud pillar stood in four directions, namely north, south, east, and west. The dragons eyes were lifelike as if they would come alive in the next second. The dragons roar resounded, exuding a threatening aura everywhere.

The Lin familys elders and the disciples of the family stood on both sides. They did not dare to speak loudly as they were afraid that they would disturb some sort of existence. They only held their breaths.

There was a simple and unadorned stone tablet in the middle of the hall. Under the gazes of everyone present, Lin Mo took a deep breath and slowly placed his hand on the stone tablet.

After a long while, there was no response from the stone tablet.

“Lin Mo, level 1!”

An elder spoke with an expressionless face. The words hit Lin Mos heart like a heavy hammer.

The sentence caused quite a commotion in the crowd as well.

“Why is Lin Mo still at level 1 He has been through so many tests. Hes basically trash.”

“The Lin family will never raise a useless person regardless of whether theyre a direct descendant or not. This is a rule set by the ancestor.”

“He was a genius in his prime. Now, he isnt even comparable to a newbie who has just joined the clan. If the news spreads, itll be a disgrace to the Lin family.”

“I heard that quite a lot of heavenly and earthly treasures have been spent to nurture him over the years. What an utter waste. Why dont we spend the effort and time to nurture another person instead Who knows, the other person might have already reached the Foundation Establishment stage.”


The surrounding discussions as well as everyones gazes landed on Lin Mo. It was as if they pierced through him. In fact, he was basically a fish on a chopping board. Lin Mo subconsciously clenched his fists and his veins popped out. However, he had no choice but to release his grip.

It turned out that he was once a genius of the Lin family. He had reached the peak of level five of the Body Refining stage and was about to reach the Foundation Establishment stage. However, for some unknown reason, he had lost all of his cultivation and regressed back to level one. All these years, no matter how much he cultivated, he could not break through level one.


The noisy main hall suddenly fell silent.

“Whats the point of all this commotion”

Clan Leader Lin Xuans expression was dignified and he gave off an extraordinary aura. He observed Lin Mo, whose eyes were cold and filled with disappointment. All Lin Mo felt at that moment was bitterness.

The second elder said, “Clan Leader, Lin Mo has already used up a lot of of our clans resources. Yet, hes still stuck at level 1. According to the clans rules, he should be stripped of his surname and expelled from the clan.”

As soon as he finished speaking, someone tried to stop him.

“Absolutely not! Clan Leader, Brother Lin Mo was once a genius. However, hes unable to recover due to some reason. I hope that you can use your discretion in dealing with him.”

The voice, which sounded like it belong to an oriole, was very pleasant to the ear. It was Lin Mos younger sister, Lin Qingyue. She possessed outstanding talent ever since she was young. If it had not been for her, the Lin family would not have tolerated Lin Mo for so long.

The clan was divided into two factions. One faction was led by the second elder, whereas the other faction was led by Lin Qingyue. Both factions had been arguing furiously whether they should kick Lin Mo out.

In the end, it was Lin Xuan who compromised.

“Lin Mo, Ill send you to an auction house. If you manage it well, theres still a chance for you to come back.”

Lin Qingyue frowned and wanted to add something. However, after seeing Lin Xuans expression, she knew that this was his biggest concession.

On the day Lin Mo left, no one except Lin Qingyue sent him off. Lin Qingyue hoped that the situation would not make Lin Mo seem so pathetic. Lin Mo did not take it to heart as many people had already been cold toward him over these past few years.

As the saying goes, “Man struggles upwards, water flows downwards”. This principle had never changed since ancient times. Who would spend their time to send off a good-for-nothing like him

“Do send me a message as soon as you arrive there. If you need something or if anyone bullies you, let me know...”

Lin Qingyues voice brought Lin Mo back to reality from his thoughts. Seeing the concern in her eyes, he felt somewhat relieved.

“Dont worry, Ill take care of myself.”

The setting sun was radiant. Lin Mo brought a few servants and stepped onto the carriage, but he did not notice the black shadow following him.

A few miserable cries could be heard from the depths of the forest at night. Following that, a few night birds circled around in fear.

The carriage had already been split into pieces and the “Lin” flag had been broken at the waist. As for the white flag, it was stained with blood. Additionally, the bonfire was snuffed out. It seemed as though a huge battle had just occurred here.

A few corpses were sprawled on the ground, including Lin Mos. Supposedly, the corpses would be discovered by the Lin family in a few days. As their belongings were looted, everyone would think that this was the doing of robbers.

It was all for money.

However, Lin Mo opened his eyes abruptly. He moved his fingers and swept them around his surroundings.

“What the f*ck”

He let out a curse.

Originally, he was sitting at home but suddenly, he got transmigrated. The only thing that remained the same was his name.

After sorting out his memories, Lin Mo felt an inexplicable sense of familiarity. This was the classic start of a losers story in the twenty-first century, right

Although everyone had given up on him, the original host himself did not.

After searching day and night, he finally found out that this happened due to his unique constitution, the [ God Devouring Body ].

This constitution would revert to its original form, the first time one cultivated to the peak of level five. That was why their original bodies had fallen back to level one when they were in the Foundation Establishment stage.

If one wanted to cultivate again, they would need to consume a large number of heavenly materials and earthly treasures on a regular basis. Otherwise, their life would be in danger. Although a lot of resources had been spent on the original body, it was clearly not enough. Thus, their cultivation could not advance even though their life was in danger.

In this case, one could see how special this kind of constitution was. This could be viewed as a once-in-a-lifetime occurrence. Moreover, it was extremely difficult to cultivate. Nevertheless, this constitution possessed endless potential.

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According to the records, there was even a possibility of breaking through to the peak of level nine or even reaching a higher realm.

Nevertheless, the Lins did not know about the twists and turns of it. They only knew that Lin Mo had used up a lot of resources but was unable to breakthrough. Even his body had been damaged. He was simply trash. Therefore, they sent Lin Mo to a remote place.

He would have a chance to return. Even so, who knew how long it would take.

Lin Mo could not help but roll his eyes. It was fine for him to abandon such a clan. He could not be bothered.

This continent was called the Eastern Continent, which was one of the five continents. In the north of the Eastern Continent, Lin City was one of the most prosperous cities other than the capital city. Lin City was also the Lin familys territory.

At this moment, Lin Mo was going to Chuxin Village, which was located in a small town near the border of the Eastern Continent.

Since his physique was placed here and the resources of the clan were not enough to awaken it, he might as well go out and try his luck. Furthermore, Lin Mo was worried that he would be discovered due to his personality being different from the original host.

Now that the original soul of this body was dead, he had to take over. Regardless, he should not be exposed as long as he was careful. Furthermore, he could act freely.

With this in thought, Lin Mo decided to set off immediately. It would be bad if the robbers returned.



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