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Chapter 10: Foundation Establishment Success, Golden Legend!

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By the time everyone had dispersed, it was already midnight. Uncle Wang recorded the earnings. His face was full of excitement.

“Young Master Lin Mo, weve successfully auctioned off five items and earned a total of 44,000 spirit stones. Thats roughly equivalent to the entire foundation of an ordinary mercenary group.”

Uncle Wang was rather shocked when he saw this number. His hands even trembled. He had never seen so many spirit stones in his entire life.

On the other hand, Lin Mo was a little calmer. This was only the beginning. In the future, he would definitely earn more. The more resources he had, the more items he could auction off. Then, the system would hand out more rewards.

As things snowballed, he would grow stronger and stronger. At that time, he would be able to obtain top-grade spirit stones effortlessly.

Upon seeing Lin Mos calm expression, Uncle Wang suddenly felt ashamed of himself. Nonetheless, his heart was filled with respect for the former.

“Uncle Wang, continue to collect items for the upcoming auction. I dont want anything below tier 3. For items above tier 4, buy them even if they cost a large sum of money. Ill be cultivating for the next few days. Dont disturb me if theres nothing urgent.”

Lin Mo had his own goals. He wanted to raise the quality of the auction house bit by bit. Furthermore, he would not reject any visitors. If they could attend, it meant they had money. This way, Lin Mo could earn a lot of spirit stones.

After giving his instructions, Lin Mo once again went to the secluded place behind the auction hall and began cultivating.

This time, he received four items from the system. They were the worry-free fruit, lookout fish egg, Chaos Pill, and Frost Sword Manual.

Lin Mo immediately chose to refine the worry-free fruit.

The entire fruit floated in mid-air and its emerald green color made it look like a high-quality jade. Through the light, one could see the plump and juicy flesh of the fruit. Then, as if it was being pulled by some unknown power, the fruit slowly entered Lin Mos body.

Extremely pure energy flowed through his extraordinary meridians and Lin Mo was enveloped by an exuberant aura. Every single one of Lin Mos meridians was being nurtured by the aura of life. He felt like he had been reborn.

The spiritual energy within his body was like a surging tide, rising at an extreme speed. In an instant, Lin Mo leveled up to level six!

Lin Mo felt like he had opened the door to a new world, a realm where nobody had reached before. The energy within his body became orderly. As if an invisible large hand had appeared, it guided them towards a certain point.

The massive amount of spiritual energy formed a whirlpool. It continuously absorbed and purified all matters. Faint light spots floated in the air. They gathered together before condensing into the shape of a small stone cube. This was the sign of a successful foundation establishment.

Although the stone cube was very small, it contained the purest and most powerful energy. An ancient aura appeared from the bottom of the stone cube. Seemingly, a mysterious existence had been awakened.

A pure golden color spread out throughout the entire area. It was filled with excellence, nobility, and greatness.

An ordinary persons stone cube would be white in color. Lin Mo was different because he had a god-slaying body. His body allowed him to absorb the purest energy, thus, creating the golden cube. This was also an indication of his powerful abilities

“Sigh, the progress is still a little slow. Perhaps the resources collected at Chuxin Village are becoming less and less useful.”

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If anyone heard Lin Mos words, they would probably be angered to death.

Only a few days ago, Lin Mo was still at level one. Not only did he jump to the 6th rank in a short period of time, but he had also successfully built his foundation.

A normal person would not be able to catch up with him even if they took a rocket. Even the worlds most renowned genius would take an entire month. Lin Mos speed was clearly abnormal.

Suddenly, Lin Mo felt a strange life force fluctuation. It came from none other than the lookout fish egg. He took it out to have a look. There were faint ripples on the surface of the white fish egg. It seemed like there was an actual small fish swimming in there.

The system did not provide much information about the fish egg. It was only said that the fish could swim in the wind. Nonetheless, the fish egg was still a tier 6 top-grade item. Its likely to be strong.

With a tap of Lin Mos fingertip, milky-white spiritual energy slowly flowed out. It was mixed with a faint golden glow. The spiritual energy quickly entered the fish egg. Lin Mo was unsure if he had mistaken, but the ripples on the surface of the fish egg appeared to be even more obvious.

He allocated a portion of his life force to the lookout fish egg. Next, he only needed to wait for the fish egg to hatch.

After that, Lin Mo continued to cultivate his Frost Sword technique. Coincidentally, the Frost Sword Manual came in handy. The two complemented each other and an amazing power was unleashed.

The outcomes were divided into three stages. A small success, great success, and perfection. Lim Mo was very lucky because both the technique and manuals attributes were compatible. His cultivation went even smoother than the “Dragon Elephant Fist technique”.

As Lin Mo trained, the temperature around him became lower and lower. However, it did not seem to affect him.

A few days later, pale blue ice crystals formed around Lin Mo. The ground was covered with a thin layer of ice. It almost felt like winter. From afar, it looked like he was wrapped in a gigantic ice cocoon.


There was a loud bang and countless ice crystals were shattered. A vertical light shot up into the sky and countless snowflakes scattered everywhere. At the same time, every single crystal was covered with qi.

Lin Mo slowly opened his eyes. His gaze was cold and an icy aura surrounded him. It almost felt like he was the God of ice and snow. All his senses were sharper than ever, as though he was a sword. The air was also filled with killing intent.

In just five days, he had already trained to the great success stage. Even if Lin Mo was to meet a level seven expert, he could face them without any issues.

At the same time, the lookout fish egg had also hatched.



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