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Chapter 11: How Can the Golden Scales Be an Object in a Pond

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Lin Mo continued to meditate as the Frost Sword floated in mid-air. The divine weapon in front of him seemed to have been forged from ice and snow. At the same time, the blade reflected his sharp side profile and kept emitting a cold aura.

This icy aura was completely absorbed by Lin Mo. It flowed through the various meridians in his body while constantly tempering with his muscles, bones, blood, and flesh. It was as if his blood was tainted by an extremely cold aura.

At the same time, a white figure swiftly passed by Lin Mo. It was so fast that it was almost impossible to catch with ones naked eyes. Upon closer inspection, the figure seemed to be the shape of a fish. It was very small. Yet, it did not seem to be restricted by anything. It came and went without a trace.

Time went by as Lin Mo cultivated. It had already been six days since the last auction. There was still one more day before the next auction. After some calculations, Lin Mo slowly opened his eyes.

The icy blue color in his eyes disappeared in an instant. It seemed like the entire space was enveloped by ice and snow. However, everything returned to normal in an instant. Lin Mo restrained his aura. All the spiritual energy returned to his body and no changes could be seen based on his external appearance.

In fact, Lin Mo looked no different from when he first arrived. Only he himself knew about his improvements. He was basically the strongest person in Chuxin Village. In fact, it would be hard to find someone that was on equal footing with him.

Uncle Wang and Wu Jin had been waiting outside for a long time. Wu Jin looked at the sky and said worriedly, “Whats the time Young master couldnt have forgotten about the auction, right”

As far as Uncle Wang knew, Lin Mo was always punctual.

“The young master said that he would come out today. Hell definitely keep his word.”

Wu Jin and Lin Mo had not spent much time together, so they did not really know each other. Even after hearing what Uncle Wang said, Wu Jin was unable to relax.

“Theres only one more day until the auction, Im afraid...”

As the two of them were talking, they suddenly felt their surrounding temperature drop. It felt like a snowstorm was about to occur. Suddenly, Uncle Wang sensed an extremely familiar aura.

He blurted happily, “Its the young master!”

As soon as he said that, Lin Mo appeared. His figure fluctuated, like an ice pine growing on a cliff. A cold aura swept over Uncle Wang and Wu Jin. They could not help but shiver.

Although Uncle Wang and Wu Jin could not exactly gauge Lin Mos strength, they knew that he was completely different compared to before. Uncle Wangs respect for Lin Mo grew even deeper. After all, he knew Lin Mos background. His strength was originally far less profound than it was now. In such a short period of time, Lin Mo had advanced so much.

The moment Lin Mo came out, it felt as if there was a blizzard.

“Congratulations, young master. Your cultivation seems to have been successful.”

Wu Jin was following closely from behind.

Lin Mo nodded indifferently.

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“Hows the situation these few days”

“During the days youve been cultivating, the strength of various mercenary groups in Chuxin Village has gone through a change.”

At this point, Uncle Wang could not help but feel a little emotional. Before Lin Mos arrival, the strength of the mercenary groups in Chuxin Village had remained unchanged. The three parties had always maintained a three-way balance and no one could do anything to the other.

Although they wanted to make a name for themselves, they lacked the opportunity. Lin Mos arrival had stirred up a storm. The situation was no longer as stable as before.

“In terms of individual strength, the leader of the Dragon Tiger Mercenary Group is on par with the leader of the Wolf Mercenary Group. I wonder if the leader of the Wolf Mercenary Group has devoted himself to training theDragon Elephant Fist technique.”

Of course, this was not the most important piece of news. Uncle Wang could not contain his joy as he said, “In the past few days, many foreign powers have come to Chuxin Village. They want to participate in the next auction.”

Uncle Wang had been extremely busy during the past few days. Although he was tired, he was happy. It had been a long time since he experienced such a lively scene.

“Thats good, but I will be leaving Chuxin Village soon.”

Wu Jin turned pale.

“What! Young Master Lin Mo will be leaving soon”

Uncle Wang was not surprised. On the contrary, he had expected it. After all, Lin Mo was not an ordinary person. Clearly, Chuxin Village could not tie him down.

“Thats right. After all, the resources in Chuxin Village are limited. They dont match up to the young masters potential. The young master should be free to venture into the skies.”

It was already troublesome to collect a tier four item in Chuxin Village. Getting higher-tier items was essentially impossible. Moreover, the tier four items were simply inefficient for Lin Mos current status.

Staying in this village any longer would just be a waste of time and energy. Lin Mo had long-term goals.

Even after hearing that Lin Mo would leave soon, Uncle Wangs enthusiasm was not dampened. He wanted to ensure the upcoming auctions success. After all, this was an opportunity to fulfill Lin Mos wishes.

“As per the young masters request, Ive been collecting auction items non-stop these past few days. The locals no longer have any possessions that meet your requirements. Although there are quite a number of people here, most of them are foreigners. Hence, Ive only managed to secure three items. First, a tier 4 low-grade martial art “Ring Blade technique”. Secondly, a tier 4 low-grade inner core of demonic beast, fierce tiger. Lastly, a tier 4 high-grade gold thread big ring blade.”

Uncle Wang looked at Lin Mo worriedly. He had only collected a few items and was afraid that he had let his young master down.

Although Lin Mos expectations were not high, he could not help but feel a little disappointed after hearing Uncle Wangs words. As expected, he would not be able to obtain any good items from Chuxin Village.

Even so, Lin Mo did not show any signs of his disappointment. Besides, these items were enough for the entire auction. So, he consoled Uncle Wang, “Its alright. Theyre pretty good.”

Wu Jin rubbed his palms together. He was very confident in the upcoming auction. After patting his chest, he reassured Lin Mo, “Young master, dont worry. The atmosphere this time will definitely be more lively than before. Ill try my best to sell the items at a higher price.”



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