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Chapter 12: Hidden Dangers

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Cloud Arrival Inn at Chuxin Village was the only inn within a radius of a hundred miles.

As night fell, the small inn welcomed a group of guests. Although they wore ordinary clothes, they emitted a murderous aura. Clearly, their hands were stained with countless amounts of blood. How else would they produce such an aura

The innkeeper hid in a corner. After the waiter served the dishes, he quickly hid as well. He was afraid to catch this group of peoples attention.

On the other hand, the groups target was not here so they were not interested in causing trouble. They just drank large amounts of wine and ate big mouthfuls of meat. Even with such normal acts, they still gave off a murderous aura.

The leader of the group had a long scar that ran through his entire face. Half of his face was curled up like a centipede. He looked absolutely ferocious and terrifying. The leader laughed coldly. His eyes were overflowing with killing intent.

“Ptui! That kid is really lucky. I cant believe he didnt die after that incident.”

“Perhaps they didnt know that Lin Mo had some strength, so they just robbed him. Theyre really stupid to the extreme!”

These people were the group of bandits who had robbed Lin Mo previously. On the surface, they appeared to be robbing him but in reality, they were sent to assassinate Lin Mo.

“Boss, the leaders of those mercenary groups have auctioned off Lin Mos items and they said theyre going soft on him. When the time comes, will they stop us”

Scarface spat out, “Ha! Even if the leader is willing to help, nobody can protect the person I want to kill!”

The aura Scarface emitted was at least the peak of level seven. It was no surprise that he was not afraid of the mercenary groups.

“I might as well just rob the auction house and kill Lin Mo!”

As he spoke, the scarred-faced man made a hand gesture of slitting someones throat. His sinister laughter could clearly be heard, causing others to shudder in fear.

At this moment, Lin Mo was still unaware of the impending crisis.

The auction venue was packed with people. It was even more lively than before. Those who came late did not even have a seat. It was indeed a grand occasion.

“The captain of the Dragon Tiger Mercenary Group is here!”

It was unknown who shouted this, but Li Yunfei walked in with large strides. His aura was steady and powerful while his eyes were like lightning, brimming with spirit. The crowd naturally made way for him.

Everyone could see the changes in Li Yunfeis body.

“Leader Li is full of energy. He looks so extraordinary. I reckon his strength has already reached the peak of level six. Hes no longer inferior to the leader of the Wolf Mercenary Group.”

The people had guessed correctly.

When Li Yunfei overheard their praises, the corners of his mouth unknowingly curved upwards. Shortly after, he came across Lin Mo. As if he had just seen a relative, Li Yunfei passionately greeted him. They actually seemed like good friends who had not seen each other for many years. In reality, this was only the second time they met.

“Young Master Lin Mo, its been a long time since we last met. Thanks to you, Ive managed to improve my cultivation a little. I really dont know how to express my gratitude. Anyway, if you have anything good this time, keep it for me. After all, good water does not flow to outsiders fields (TN: It means keeping all the benefits to oneself or ones own family)!”

Everyone was a little surprised to see Li Yunfeis excited and attentive expression. After all, he had always been arrogant. Who knew he had such a humble side.

“Commander Xue Fu has arrived! The lord of Qingyang City has arrived!”

A few unfamiliar faces entered. The auction house was like a moon surrounded by stars. Those people with power and position took the seats that were reserved for them.

“They are all foreign experts. Ive heard of them, but Ive never seen them in person. I didnt expect to see them here. Apparently, they all have peak level six strength. Some of them even have signs of breaking through. Theyre not inferior to Li Yunfei in any form.”

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Everyone sighed. They did not expect so many powerful people to attend.

However, the leader of the Wolf Mercenary Group was nowhere to be seen. Nonetheless, it was understandable. He must be cultivating the tier 5 top-grade cultivation technique and was unable to spare some time. Even if he did not attend this auction, he would not lose out much.

As everyone took their seats, Wu Jin walked to the center of the stage. The auction had officially begun.

“The first item is a tier 4 low-grade inner core of demonic beast, fierce tiger. Starting price is 2,500 low-grade spirit stones!”

The inner core appeared to be milky white. It was floating in mid-air and was emitting a lustrous jade-like glow. There seemed to be starlight flickering within, nurturing the essence of the demonic beast.

Previously, Li Yunfei had bid for a medicinal herb. He had yet to completely absorb the medicinal effects. So, this inner core was not of much use to him. In other words, he did not need it for the time being.

After all, he could only chew on so much. It was better to save his spirit stones. Besides, the upcoming items may be more suitable for him.

Not many people placed a bid. The first item was priced at two thousand and five hundred spirit stones, which many could not afford.

“The item is good but unfortunately, its not something that people like us can afford.”

“5,000 low-grade spirit stones!”

The person who called out that price was Zhao Junyu, the leader of Blood Harvest.

[ Ding! The host has successfully auctioned a tier 4 low-grade inner core of demonic beast, fierce tiger. ]

[ Successful triggering of 100 times return! ]

[ Obtained a tier 5 low-grade inner core of demonic beast, Bao Hu! ]

“The second item is a tier 4 high-grade gold thread big ring blade. Starting price is 5,000 low-grade spirit stones!”



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